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    I believe that there are some advantages and drawbacks to using pull-up briefs as opposed to taped-up diapers.
    One advantage to pull-up briefs is that you can actually put the new one on before you take the old one off. Just take the new one, put it over the old one, reach in and tear the side seams of the old one, and then pull it through and out. And then, you will be wearing the new one.
    Another advantage is that they do not make noise, nor are they difficult to hide. They are quite discreet, which is important in certain situations.
    One drawback is absorbency. Because stretch material is required to cover a large area of the said brief, there is limited space to insert absorbent material. Some brands are thicker than others, but when it comes to not leaking, a larger area of absorbency is more effective than thickness.
    Another disadvantage is the effectiveness of leak guards. With traditional diapers, many brands are good with leak guards because the diaper does not move as much when worn; they are taped in place. However, pull-up briefs are basically put on and taken off like traditional underwear, making it difficult to install effective leak guards.
    A somewhat effective remedy I have come to discover to both of the disadvantages I have mentioned would be to wear more than one brief at once, like in layers. For example, I would wear three at once; and it would give me somewhat better leak protection. However, even in this case, you still have to be careful.
    I think that, after years of experimenting with both traditional and pull-up products, traditional diapers serve the purpose of handling heavy and/or uncontrolled wettings; and pull-ups serve the purpose of handling either partial incontinence or bladder re-training for continent ABDL's who want to transition to conventional sleep wear when entering the purge phase.

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    Another disadvantage is you need to take off your shoes and pants to change them when fully dressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INCONTAL View Post
    Another disadvantage is you need to take off your shoes and pants to change them when fully dressed.
    Ah, you beat me to it.

    One more disadvantage is you have to change your pants when they leak too.

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    biggest disadvantage is you you can't get as snug a fit almost ever and the wetter it gets, the more likely its going to leak.

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