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    Default thoughts about child *BDLs

    I was looking at some old surveys about ABDLs and noticed how a significant subset seem to have wanted to wear/use diapers in childhood, only a few years after toilet training. Which got me thinking.

    Firstly, it seems like a lot of kinks and fetishes start in childhood. I heard of this one guy who has a foot fetish, who when he was a crawling baby, his mom taught yoga and he'd disrupt the class to chase after the students' feet and try to suck on them. I know myself, I was fascinated with the snake scene from Jungle Book, where the snake hypnotizes Mowgli, and I pretended to be the snake next day at daycare. How many of you had childhood fascinations that mirror your adult kinks or fetishes?

    Secondly, what would you say to a parent who is wondering how to react to a kid who seems to have this fascination? Say a 5 year old is stealing a younger sibling's diapers and using them, or something similar. What do you think would be the right response for a parent? Would you recommend they try to discourage it, or buy the kid their own diapers and let them do it, or what?

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    We have no way of knowing how many of these fascinations or obsessions are temporary or what might encourage or discourage them. When we see surveys of ABDLs, we're only seeing the ones that it stuck with, so it could easily create false impressions. If you're looking strictly on that basis, I suspect many (most?) children would have times when they're into regression, playing in a babyish way, or expressing sentiments that sound like they'd fit an early ABDL. Many adults do as well over time. This does not mean there are a ton of ABDLs out there (although I think more might be open to it than we would generally expect).

    The only advice I'd offer a parent is to try to avoid making a big deal out of things that aren't worth the effort. Most aberrant behavior is going to be something of the moment and I think creating unnecessary stigmas over things that don't matter much creates a greater possibility of fixation. Having said that, I think I was prone to kinky fixations and although diapers are the biggest, they're not the only ones. When my ABDL desires faded for a while, those other kinks stepped up in importance, so other than teaching good boundaries and judgment, I'm not sure it really matters.

    If there's nothing wrong with a diaper kink, why would we care if someone develops one? I'd only try to save kids the pain of self-loathing that often comes along with these things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    We have no way of knowing how many of these fascinations or obsessions are temporary or what might encourage or discourage them.

    Making a huge deal of it isn't necessary, but it would be a good idea to remove the temptation and have a discussion about the OTHER inappropriate parts of the behavior, eg, stealing.

    I recall some things from when I was 5ish, playing with the next door neighbor girls who were maybe 8 and 10. Then one day, my parents wouldn't let me go over to play with them any more and I didn't understand why. Don't recall enough to know if there was something going on, or the 'rents were just being cautious.

    Don't be surprised if something like that ends up in the story forum one of these days.

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    Yes, I was very much a "KBDL" (Kid-Baby / Diaper Lover). I was taking my younger sister's diapers at age six. Since that time, diapers have never been out of the picture for more than a couple of months at a time. Although my kid self did wrestle a little with the common feelings of self-loathing and loneliness, I feel like I was spared a lot of that thanks to having virtually uninterrupted access to diapers. It was always easy for me to satisfy my needs, so they never piled up or caused me any real anxiety or distraction. (Having very non-nosy parents also helped, I'm sure!)

    As I'm now a parent, I've often wondered about how I'd react at discovering that one of my kids had a similar kink. And I've discussed it here as well. Generally speaking, I would do my best to tolerate what wasn't harmful while also inspiring restraint and a respect for the reality that our society holds diaper fetishes in very low regard. Put simply: I'd tell them that if they could keep it to themselves--make a reasonable effort to hide their supplies from guests and friends, keep themselves clean, etc.--then I'd leave them alone about it. But things left lying around would either be taken or would lead to other consequences. I got beaten up a bit the last time I shared that approach here, but my feelings haven't changed at all. We've heard enough about cyber-bullying and teen suicide lately to know that kids just don't anticipate the consequences of the information they share about themselves, nor are they emotionally equipped to deal with those consequences. With those things in mind, a "do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt you" approach to childhood diaper-wearing feels naive and inadequate. We shouldn't put the hammer down on it, but neither should we create a diaper-wearer's utopia that's totally out of step with society's norms. A few simple and not-too-harsh boundaries seem quite sensible.

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    I think that until puberty hits, distinguishing transient innocuous pretend play from behavior indicating persistent deviation from the norm is impossible to do with great accuracy.

    Like many of you, I had experiences in childhood that "foreshadowed" what was to come, but at the time nothing seemed really unusual... it was all only remarkable in hindsight.

    Childhood sexuality is a real thing, but if I can make a metaphor, it's a ball of wet clay slowly being molded.

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    I was more into just wearing plastic pants when I was before age 10. I had such a desire to wear them again like I used to. When I was 10 I started to wear the pull-ups used on vacations for my bedwetting. By the time I was 16 I was able to go to the store and buy pull-ups and then later goodnites for myself.
    Most ABDL's start as CBDL's Child baby w/e you want to call it.

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    My development was way slower than most kids. I wasn't able to speak until I was 4 (no one understood my constant babbling). I wasn't fully toilet trained until I was six (even years after that I'd still have accidents). As a kid, I would put small objects in my mouth, pick my nose, cry whenever I took a heavy hit, and bite my nails. Only a few kids became close friends (I spend most of my time alone).

    When I was 14, I wore depends for severe diarrhea, and I enjoyed changing myself (even liked how they felt). Once I got internet at home, I would look up "diapers" on Google and just stare at the images, maybe even get kinky while scrolling.

    Now I'm an adult baby with access to good quality diapers, a few binkies, a onesie, and a bottle. I only get into my headspace completely when I have the house to myself or during the night when everyone is asleep (I sleep with a pacifier and a stuffy). To everyone else, I'm in my 20's trying to get a life.

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    I didn't become potty trained until I was between the ages of 4 and 5. I think training late like that probably built the foundation for liking diapers and ultimately being a member of the community.

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    Childhood sexuality is a real thing, but if I can make a metaphor, it's a ball of wet clay slowly being molded.

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    That's a way to put it.

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