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Thread: Comic book readers

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    Default Comic book readers

    I'm personally a marvel fan boy. DC is good, but I enjoy the Marvel universe as a whole over DC. I'm in a rather dead area for comics. The closest shop is over an hour away. I'm mostly doing my comic shopping online.

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    I used to read Sonic the Hedgehog and My Little Pony comic books. But I lost interest in the Sonic ones and overall it was getting too expensive.

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    I read The Walking Dead and Lazarus, both from Image, but do so digitally. We used to represent Ken Penders! (Sonic...)

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    I really like Fantastic Four, Iron Man, but my all time favorite super heroes are the Power Pack.

    I guess that makes me a Marvel fan.

    I dunno though. I've enjoyed non-Marvel things. Wish more of them stuck around. Currently reading a lot of I Hate Fairyland from Image too.

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    I was a big Marvel fan particularly X-Men for a long long time but lost interest at the end of Grant Morrisons run, tried again a few times but don't really understand it anymore with Xavier have supposedly been evil and then killed off and the Maximoff twins inhuman mutant muck around.

    I occasionally enjoy Spider-Man but Spider-Woman has been my favourite right up until they made her pregnant which was a terrible read.

    I also read Superman and Supergirl for years and even stuck through the poo 52 for over a year but just don't like all the persecution complex stuff.

    Curently reading American Gods Shadow and a couple of others but no superhero stuff.

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    The comics ive collected over the years are, The Phantom, Judge Dredd, Commando comics and The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starpup View Post
    The comics ive collected over the years are, The Phantom, Judge Dredd, Commando comics and The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.
    Garth Enniss Judge Dredd is one of my all time favourite reads, doesn't matter which story they were all excellent but I thoroughly enjoyed the Emerald Isle.

    Also reading Warren Ellis's Injection but it's taking its time to get to the point so actually considering dropping my first ever Warren Ellis title.

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    So I just learned that the ''Super Genesis Wave'' of the Sonic comics a few years back was the result of lawsuits involving Ken Penders and Archie Comics and Sega, which ended up with mass changes needed in the story line to purge the characters he has created. I stopped reading them a little while after that I think.
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    i was long-time 2000 AD reader, starting with their first issue, but knocked it on the head sometime in the 90s when money was tight and i'd had enough of some of the new writers and artists.

    also, from being a boy upto......let's get vague, there.... i was a on-off regular reader of those pocket-sized war-story books, of which i can't remember their name/genre. there used to be an exchange stall at the local market in the 90s and i was a regular, there.

    i sound like such a dweeb.

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