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Thread: Where can I buy a NUK 5 pacifier?

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    Default Where can I buy a NUK 5 pacifier?

    Hi Everyone,

    Can you please indicate where I can buy a NUK 5 pacifier in Fort Lauderdale or Miami area? I mean a physical store, as I don't have much time to wait for an online delivery since I am travelling right now. Do you know if CVS, or Walgreens or any other pharmacy or drugstore sell them?

    Thank you!


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    Nowhere. You have to order them, as they aren't sold in physical stores in the US.

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    pacifiersrus, baby-pants should have something. There are plenty of other places that sell stuff like that.

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    You can always find them at

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragon123 View Post
    You can always find them at
    I second this. I don't know of any ab/dl related stores in Florida. Your best bet is to order from Amazon if you have Prime you can get one in 1-2 days. Littleforbig sells them on Amazon and has Prime shipping available.

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    I bought mine on Etsy. It's very cute, pink with a little purple dinosaur decal. Amazon is good too, if you're just looking for a sterile-looking medical pacifier that will arrive more promptly than a decorated or custom-ordered one.

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