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Thread: The real way of wearing. Diaper in pubilc

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    Default The real way of wearing. Diaper in pubilc

    So this is my way you go in public is just start out with a think diaper. Baggy pants. And just do it. Its scary because your body is used to normal underware. And just have. To not gave. Into. He. Or she can. Tell you are wearing. A diaper. There is no magic. Way. Did I miss anything

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    The real truth about wearing a diaper in public; the more you do it, the easier it gets and the more natural it feels. Unless you are doing something to draw attention to your butt, no one will be looking at it 99% of the time. That type of thinking you describe is basically a form of paranoia.

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    Okay cool so I do have it right. How do i get rid of. The parnioa. Or do I need change some of my beliefs that are negative. I appreciate. All helping. Me. Out even when it sounds like a broken turntables

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    A long t-shirt that won't hug your figure goes a long way in my experience.

    A long coat too if the weather permits can be either an invisibility cloak for your diaper or a big sign for people to look in your direction.

    I love a long coat but long t-shirts are best IMO.

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    Oh forgot the shirt. Part. I look at myself with diaper and without. With my work clothes. And I can tell big butt and my gait is odd

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    I plan to buy a white t-shirt onesie in a bit but until then, to make do, I made a simple one from a white undershirt, a piece of scrap cloth and a small piece of Velcro. It fastens under my legs and looks like a tucked in t-shirt. Wear a regular shirt over that to cover the pant line and nobody will be any the wiser.

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    Rennifox what is the 1 percent of people that see that you were talking about?

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    Whenever I feel fear and unease about wearing while out in public (like today), I force myself to do just that. It's scary but it's the only way to overcome that anxiety. If you get outed, you get outed. It's better than living in fear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by makena43 View Post
    Rennifox what is the 1 percent of people that see that you were talking about?
    it partly made up of diaper lovers, partly made up of people hypersensitive to noise and partly people who just stare at butts.

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    Oh so diaper lovers. Butt stares. Are the 1 percent and. The 99 percent. Are non dl

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