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Thread: Trump Fires FBI Director Comey During Investigation

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    Regardless of did Comey have it coming, getting fired by a guy who has the intelligence and understanding of a 4 year old is an embarrassment, on top of that having your private bodyguard deliver it to the FBI offices after hours in a manilla envelope is crap , I expect anyone I work for to be man enough to call me to the office and fire me , there comes a certain understanding of this as you rise in rank or become an executive, SO once again trump has shown he is an empty suit , and unequiped to to hold the office with dignity and respect, let alone Honor the office .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZetaSonic View Post
    I find it hilarious: six months ago the Left was demanding Comey get the axe. Now that he's finally sacked, they cry bloody murder.

    Now that the powermongering Democrats have so little power outside of their celebrity puppets, all they can do is whine.

    If their faction dissolved, as the Whigs had done, it would be a boon to the US and the rest of the world.
    "The left" could have fired Comey. Obama didn't because of how it would have looked. Presumably Clinton would have begrudgingly let him keep his job for the same reason.

    Honestly I am not shedding any tears for Comey. He fucked up. But don't make the mistake Democrats are angry because they feel bad for Comey. Democrats are angry because Comey's termination smells bad.

    Here's what the White House (Pence, Spicer, Huckabee Sanders, Sessions) and multiple Republican lawmakers said was the cause of Comey's firing: Trump fired Comey purely on the recommendation of newly appointed deputy attorney general Rosenstein. Rosenstein said Comey should be fired because of his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, specifically the "Comey letter" that was sent to Congress eleven days before the election. That explanation doesn't pass the laugh test and I refuse to believe anyone that follows politics even casually actually buys it. There where frequent "lock her up!" chants at the RNC convention. Trump praised Comey's letter, so did many GOP lawmakers. And frankly, it's unclear Trump would actually be POTUS if not from Comey's letter (there are multiple insider stories of how it basically salvaged a sinking campaign in the last two weeks, and there is some polling data that backs it up. Either way, this is an election that was decided by 80000 votes distributed across three states, so just about anything could have been "the thing" that tipped it).

    So Trump's spokespeople, who's only job is to explain the president's train of tough to the media, tries to sell this ridiculous notion that Comey got fired because he was too harsh on Hillary Clinton (the only rational explanation I can think of is that they where hopping the Clintons would all die of laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation). And what does the president do? He proves that the White House's explanation was bullshit by saying so himself. He was going to fire Comey regardless of what Rosenstein was going to recommend. Like seriously, this is what he said:

    Quote Originally Posted by President Donald Trump
    I was going to fire regardless of recommendation, [Rosenstein] made a recommendation ... He made a recommendation, but regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey.
    At least Rosenstein firing Comey due to the treatment of Hillary Clinton is somewhat believable. But Trump? That just doesn't make sense. So either nearly every Republican that spoke on the matter lied (what's up with Spicer and Huckabee Sanders never being able to say "I don't know" and why do they constantly contradict the President? Their whole job is to explain to the public what the President is thinking. I don't think I've ever seen more incompetent spokespeople in my entire life) or Trump is lying. Neither is a good look and it's not consistent with how people that have nothing to hide would act.

    At the very least Trump went about firing Comey in the worst possible way and showed deep incompetence in the process. And I'm not super comfortable with the United States having a President who constantly seems to have no idea what he is doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
    It's fun to joke about Trump. This helps distract us from the deadly seriousness of the situation.
    well, there is a certain natural inevitability to the association of a trump and a poo-tin

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    Is Trump headed for impeachment before his first year is up? Seriously. How long are these stories going to continue? Stories have surfaced that Trump fired Comey to end the FBI's investigation into the ties between his former national security adviser Mike Flynn and Russia. Trump had asked him to end their investigation. The latest information on this came just a day after another report accused him of sharing classified intelligence information with Russia during his talks with Russian officials. The New York Times said that Trump asked Comey to end the investigation against Flynn, saying "He's a good guy. I hope you can let this go. I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go," according to the memo from their meeting. It's only Wednesday and Trump has been through, Russiagate, Comeygate and Blabbergate. Trump squeezes more chaos out of a one week period than any other twelve presidents combined.

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    Nixon was in office for more than three years before they even started investigating him. He actually won a landslide reelection as the investigation was happening.

    Will Drumpf be impeached within one year? Likely not, politics moves slow. Courts move even slower.

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    Well the party has to see that he is killing them off as in reelection chances, here in PA of course primaries are not huge nor are local races but in 10 hours of voting in the county 11,000 democrats voted to select who gets the party support , less than 2400 repulblicans selected there nominee , when you consider PA and this county in particular voted for trump , the first republican since Reagan they voted for its not looking good, but I dont think they will make any moves until the people unseat a bunch of them in 2018 , and everyone I know has already decided the message needs to be sent , even if it's just to put someone new in the seat , with a chance to stop them doing reckless dangerous things the current people have to go , they have clearly shown it's party over people , they have disregarded what the people want ,and trump has failed to conduct business and right or wrong has created an atmosphere of scandal by being like he has always been trump first, and anyone and everyone gets disregarded. He could have at any point been honest and stopped trying to put trump first and stopped being the headline of every newscast at any time , he has chosen not to ,so the pressure on him continues to "ratchet up" , it's going to take a bloodbath in 2018 for the party to get the message, pence is just as demented as trump,but has a much better chance at getting something done by not profiteering from the office .

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    So you're saying having a one party government would strengthen democracy? How so?
    Democracy is nothing but glorified mob rule. What people fail to understand is that the US was meant to be a representative republic, not a democracy. The advent of parties undermined the original intent.

    A country is only as good as the people there. If you can sway the people through trinkets like free cellphones and stuff of that sort, the system doesn't work. A long time ago, the goal was to do the best good for one's constituents; today, it's "How much power can the party gain?" and "How many of my buddies can I get into power?".

    Besides, the celebrity is 9.5/10 of the time on the Left, same with the distribution of information (film, television, news, etc.). It's a monopoly in that regard. As I see it, the Hollywood type is headed in the same direction as the French and Russian monarchies. They are out of touch with the people.

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    Karl Marx once wrote that "cell phones are the opiates of the people". I always knew he was ahead of his time.

    edit: Haha......either ADISC is messing up or my computer is, but this appeared on my computer as the beginning of an isolated thread. Most of the above posts didn't show. I'm also getting kicked off the site when I try to quote and respond. I wonder if Moo is "fixing" something again?

    Anyway, I thought my responses were funny.

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    Folks are you forgetting Crimea and Ukraine. It appears to me that Putin is trying to reassemble the old Soviet Union. Beside the fact that all 17 of our intelligence agencies agreed that the Russians meddled in our election. They hacked the DNC and Podesta. Putin is interfering in elections in the West and trying to destabilize our alliances. This is serious business and we shouldn't play footsie with these folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ginger22 View Post
    Folks are you forgetting Crimea and Ukraine. It appears to me that Putin is trying to reassemble the old Soviet Union. Beside the fact that all 17 of our intelligence agencies agreed that the Russians meddled in our election. They hacked the DNC and Podesta. Putin is interfering in elections in the West and trying to destabilize our alliances. This is serious business and we shouldn't play footsie with these folks.
    As is often the case with the drive-by media, it's what they neglect to say that makes the difference. Did the Russians (along with literally every other nation on earth, corporate entities, along with some groups and individuals with bones to pick attempt to influence the 2016 election? Yes. Absolutely. Get over it. They also tried to influence 2014, 2012, 2010, 2008......1788

    Well, perhaps the Russians weren't involved in 1788, but certainly Britain and France were, and perhaps some others as well.

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