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Thread: Trump Fires FBI Director Comey During Investigation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    As is often the case with the drive-by media, it's what they neglect to say that makes the difference. Did the Russians (along with literally every other nation on earth, corporate entities, along with some groups and individuals with bones to pick attempt to influence the 2016 election? Yes. Absolutely. Get over it. They also tried to influence 2014, 2012, 2010, 2008......1788

    Well, perhaps the Russians weren't involved in 1788, but certainly Britain and France were, and perhaps some others as well.
    Wait! Are you trying to say that every other nation in the world tried to, and succeeded in, hacking into our voting systems to alter what was counted? You can't seriously be trying to downplay what Russia did..... are you?

    Seriously, it's one thing for a foreign country to try and persuade Americans on who they should vote for, it's completely different to alter our voting counts during the election though. NO country has ever done this before, not Britan, not France, not anytime before now, just Russia.

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    What is missing is the Pie chart that shows all sources of influence. Media, Internet etc. Because as far as voter influence is concerned, I would think most influence is coming from the nightly news, just as it always has. 1000 Russian agents posting Facebook comments on forums and links to just one ABC news spoofed web page is not going to have the kind of influence those anchors have doing the news each night. John Podesta fell for a phishing scam. and frankly thanks to that we now know that everything you see on those nightly news shows is orchestrated by the Democrat party. Eyeopening as it was, most suspected it all along. One can only hope that these investigations prove useful in some way, but for the most part, they appear to be a waste of taxpayers money. I look at it this way, someone asks a congressman "when did you last beat your wife?" he says, "I never beat my wife." Aha, so you deny it! And tonight's headline is, " Congressman continues to deny beating his wife". I have actually scene headlines like that about trump and Russia. At this point it is just comical to me. If you want to get anything useful, go to and signup for the daily email message. At least there you will have the daily agenda of the president. It is about the only place you will get a straight story on what your government is doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    Wait! Are you trying to say that every other nation in the world tried to, and succeeded in, hacking into our voting systems to alter what was counted? You can't seriously be trying to downplay what Russia did..... are you?
    Nobody, including Russia, hacked into voting systems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Nobody, including Russia, hacked into voting systems.
    Thank you for the reassurance. Which state elections board do you work for? Are you equally certain about the other 49 states?

    I have a general rule of thumb. How would I react if the same accusation was made against someone from the "other" political party? Right now it seems that both sides are playing "team ball" rather than focusing on the truth and what's good for the country. Watching Gingrich's contortions over Mueller (he was a highly respected individual when appointed, and an evil political hack the minute he started digging into things) makes me despair over the Republicans.

    I think the Republican party is descending into the same cesspit that the Soviet Communist Party ended up in - a cult of personality around the leader and ideological consistency or principles take a second tier to being a sycohant. That recent Cabinet meeting reminded me of a 1970s CPSU Congress where they all toadied up to Brezhnev.

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    Honestly , you cant look at Congress and say the republicans did not for party loyalty ,when in fact they should have voted for the people and what's good and right , and with the shooting of scalise who as the whip is the party propaganda minister who coaches other republicans on when to and how to vote , you see two very disturbing things 1. The American taxpayer is getting shafted for a protection detail for a political propaganda manager and 2. Many republicans are saying we should be allowed to carry guns ,this is super disturbing because the mix of politics and armed politicians is precisely what went wrong that gave rise to the Nazi party ( I don't agree with violence in anyway as a method to solve conflict , never have never will ) and then to watch the president say "we are in debt to scalise for uniting us " is just another example of why he should not be president its his job as Janyary 20 th to try and bring unity and stop his hatefull dividing rhetoric that he has not , it lead to one of his whacko loyalists( i am not disrespecting anyone who voted for trump , i am appaled at people who worship him) to act out on in violence , there has my entire life been people who hate someone or something or have a bias , they own that and should keep it to themselves, but this president has given permission for this stupidity to be brought out and acted on, trump himself has been a racist bully my entire life has demonstrated it over and over again ,as citizen trump you ignore his racist behaviour (among his many short comings ) and don't give it traction ,but as of know he has the bully pulpit and is using it to continue to expose his slim view of the world and the fact that he continues to try and write the narrative of his reality onto the American people , for the most part he is failing to accomplish it but he has succeded in getting all this behind closed door behaviour of people to be brought out on display , be it a race, religion , politics, women , immigrants etc .. which has directly led to to the attacks out west and now the shooting of scalise ,it's way past time for him to stand in the rose garden and apologize for his behaviour and shut his pie hole until he is citizen trump again, because again I don't care who or what you hate that is between your heart and mind and your God ( if you are a person of faith , thats not a requirement or condemnation of anything ) .
    Sadly enough we have a person as president who has declared war on reality , and people either agree with him or disagree there doesn't seem that middle ground that we used to have were we could debate why we agree or disagree and I don't remember a president of either party that could be universally wrong on everything , sure we had people who had bad ideas or acted in a way we wouldn't on a certain issue but still had the people's support and respect ,and he just keeps digging in and getting deeper , and the disgraced politicians of the past are reappearing and weighing in on there support for him ,why are these people even given aittime Newt Gingrich is not the guy i would want stuumping for my character or my policies , i truly believe trumps own words and actions on the Comey thing are his watergate and assome prople have said he may not have done them or said them had he ever had experience in anything relevant to leading a country or politics , he may very well be the first president in history to talk himself out of office be it by intention or ignorance of our reality not the fantasy he created for himself , and in fact the democrats had never had a president that gave them a better chance at winning big in an election by being the poster child for dysfunction in politics . He claimed to have the answers to fixing what was wrong in the country because he was not a politician and that America would be wining again instead he has introduced chaos and destroyed everything he touches from his own reality on the health of the atmosphere that supports all life on the planet to his attempts at cutting the budget by killing of our most vulnerable people, and our allies deciding America can not be trusted or relied upon as an alliance of support , he is very evidently giving a black eye to the whole republican party, its amazing that they have not acted to minmize the damage he is doing because he is but one man and as he continues to soil the republican party image eventually he will be out of office dead and gone and the party will still be around ,it took them 80 years to have a chance of being in power again ,and entire new generations of people are now asking why did this happen , the answers are complex but one thing for certain Putin is loving every minute of it because the more people who turn away from the US because of the instability of the president ,the closer Putin gets to influencing everything ,no matter what role tampering had in the election the result is clear people as in nations will be looking to Russia and China for what America used to be .

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCPilot View Post
    Thank you for the reassurance. Which state elections board do you work for? Are you equally certain about the other 49 states?
    Democratic People's Republic of Illinois, which can, and has been in the past, bought for a shoebox full of money.

    I haven't heard of any serious, credible allegations by either party that voting systems have been hacked into.

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    The fact that allegations have not been made is not evidence of absence. If you do any serious research on the security of online voting mechanisms and state voter rolls you'll agree that the state of information security in this area (to be honest, government IT in general) is so atrocious that it's quite likely that one would be unable to accumulate the evidence to say one way or another, whether it's adding a few extra votes or randomly removing 500 voters who voted in the Democratic or Republican primaries a few years back from the rolls.

    Given the notoriously low standard of proof used in the past to challenge the legitimacy of the President's place of birth, this is an order or two of magnitude above that. It's starting to become obvious that Sessions lied under oath regarding his contacts with the Russian Ambassador, and Flynn lied under oath regarding income from foreign governments. It appears that lying under oath is only a crime when a Democrat does it.

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