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Thread: How do YOU deal with these situations?

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    Default How do YOU deal with these situations?

    I’ve had these things happen to me and didn’t know what to do…
    How do you deal with a situation when you are trying to conserve money and completely use the diaper before changing and one of the situations below happens…

    A. Diaper is fairly used but need to make a quick run to the store for small purchase. Do you change, or go with partially used diaper?

    B. Diaper is full of #2 and some unknown person is at the door. It could be a delivery, a child selling candy, or someone else. Do you not answer? Answer and deal with whatever comes up? Let them in and have them wait while you clean up?

    C. Diaper had some #2 while working in yard or garage while someone walks up to visit. Do you engage in conversation and apologize? Do you engage in conversation and not say anything about it?

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    A. I go to the store anyway.

    B. I don't answer the door.

    C. Never had this happen since I don't mess outside the house, but if it did, I'd just not say anything about it.

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    Wet diaper and you need to run to the store or whatever... go do what needs to be done. Know the absorbency of your diaper, don't leak, but you aren't the first and won't be the last person who is doing what ever you need to do that wears a diaper for whatever reason.

    If you've pooped your diaper, change you diaper. For any number of reasons. Not least of which is personal health and hygiene. Walking around for an extended period of time in a messy diaper is not good for you. Beyond that, have some common courtesy. Do you want to smell someone else's poop? There is also fact that you shouldn't be forcing your fetish on others. A diaper, easily hidden. A wet diaper, unless it's leaking, same thing. Poopy? There isn't much hiding a poopy diaper. Don't go out in public after you've messed. If it's a knock on your door, that's your call. A quick package pick up, or "Hi thanks, not interested in the <blah> you're selling." isn't too bad, and they came to your house, you didn't go out in public making a scene.

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    A) Keep it on. Go to the store, its no ones business if you are wearing a diaper. Just don't walk in there only wearing a diaper.
    B) Peek out the window, if its a temporary situation like jehovah witness, just keep the diaper on. Otherwise if its someone who needs to come in, you had better have a plan of action to take that off, wipe up as best and fast as you can and quickly rinse your hands and get back dressed. I've had to do this a few times, just not #2 which takes longer.
    C) Engage in convo or say your busy, it's hard to gauge, base it on who is asking you, if its someone you know you'll likely have to engage. I was asked where the bathroom was by some kids at a theater, I said I didn't know(wink wink) and moved on.

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    A. Go out in the wet diaper.

    B. I'd answer if it was something like a delivery or somebody important (who's important will vary from your situation to the next), otherwise I'd probably ignore it if the door was closed and they didn't see me.

    C. Talk and not mention it.

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    1) if it's a quick in out store visit and I wasn't using a catheter at the time I'd just go, if using a cath I'd gauge the level and what I'd drank last 1/2 hour or so. Prob just throw plastic pants on.

    2) depends who it is, delivery that just needs a signature I'll answer (have done so in past while I was messy, but was taking chlorophyll to cut down on odours)
    If it's someone I know and they know I'm home I'll just ask them to wait a couple minutes, take off dirty dipe and shower washing only essential bits.
    If it's jehovas etc.... I'm gonna answer door and not bat an eyelid XD

    3) My neighbour walked over to ask something as I was parking my car in my garage and I had pooed in my diaper earlier, I just rolled down the window and stayed in the car and luckily he stayed outside the roller door. If he came closer I was just going to say I urgently had to get inside to the bathroom and I'll come over later >.<

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    A. Go out with a change with me unless its at the point of needing a change.

    B. Go to the door and hope its a Jehova's Witness so I have a good excuse to leave.

    C. Engage in conversation and try to direct the conversation to "I gotta go I think something just bit me"

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    A go out in the wet nappy

    B Answer the door

    C Speak to them but make my excuses so not a long conversation, they may have noticed and dont want them to think that i just sit in it all day

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    A. I go to the store anyway.

    B. I don't answer the door.

    C. Never had this happen since I don't mess outside the house, but if it did, I'd just not say anything about it.
    Ditto. Read my mind.

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