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Thread: Little Paws scented?

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    Question Little Paws scented?

    I ordered a half case of Little Paws.
    I got it waiting in my trunk after I picked it up at UPS since I cant get it inside yet.

    But when I opened the box in the trunk to take one out to see, because I was dying to see how awesome they are, I noticed they had a strong scent to them. It smells nice.
    Not sure if this is normal?, as I ordered the unscented ones.

    It's fine I guess, though the scent increases detection chances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    If you paid for it, yes, a strong scent is normal.
    I didnt, which is why there is some confusion.

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    ABUs have a distinct smell I find, it's probably just that

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    Hmm, I guess, I mean my last order was the cloth backed cushies v1. Those had no smell. It's been a while, I got those in Oct 2015

    Anyways, I put one on after taking 20 minutes to figure out how to tape it on right. It's what I've always dreamed of, nice, large and enveloping.

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    It was probably just a packing error. The only diapers from ABU that are always scented are Lavenders, but they have a different smell to them. Everything else, it's an optional upcharge.

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    If the scented strip isnt in there then my guess is maybe they were stored next to a package that did have scented strips before shipping? Kind of odd. If there is a scented strip in the 10 pack then they may have made a mistake and sent you a scented pack.

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    If so you just got one heck. Of a deal. Happy diapering

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    So was the scent almost like a grape pixie stick? If so it was probably at least some stored near some geting scented

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    Actually, only the top of the diaper, the waistband seems to be scented. Not sure why this is so. Smells like a baby sent like old pampers or something, though I never wore those when I was little in the 80's (cloth)

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