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    so my questions are about two different products.

    first i'm looking for a onsie for my wife but she wants more of the v cut neck or something like looks like a normal "cute " shirt for wearing out in public. has anyone on had any luck find low cut or v neck onsies? ( about ready to make my own. but that will probably be a later thread.)

    the second . has anyone used printed diaper tape . im talking about adding a printed landing zone on something like a 247. where to get and how well did they work?

    thanks everyone

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    AB Universe makes landing zone stickers in various AB prints.

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    are there any other sites that have taping panel stickers? the ones on AB Universe are great, just wondering if there are others? 7.50 for 5 stickers to me sounds a bit steep but I have little luck on e-bay but nothing like the ones from ABU

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    i was also looking on ebay and found some nice ones but they seamed to be a little thin. ranging around 2". was hoping to find more of about 4".

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    Try Danskins or the equivalent. My non-DL wife used to wear them all of the time. The nice thing about them is that there is no snap crotch.

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