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    Default certified adult

    so my mum has been away for the whole weekend and so me and my brother had to look after the house I done most of the cleaning even there was not much mainly dishes so I think that certify me as an responsible adult hehe

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    Ha ha! Just don't do what I did when my parents went away for a week when I was a teenager... I thought I'd give everything in the house a spring clean. They'd always grumble at me for not being tidy, so this time I was going to earn lots of brownie points! I spent all weekend cleaning! Everything was spotless -- inside and out.

    The first thing they did after coming in the front door is drop their bags and boil the kettle for a coffee. They sat down, screamed, spewing out coffee over the brand new white carpet in the lounge. And lost the plot. Yes... I'd descaled the kettle and forgotten to empty the fluid.

    I'd spent all weekend cleaning the house, yet my parents were furious at me for nearly poisoning them and for ruining the carpet. Sometimes you just can't win.

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    Default parents would never have trusted me enough to leave me in the house alone when I was 18. Also, I was an inept idiot. I don't think I knew how to cook anything other than toast in the toaster.

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    I need to start doing the dishes =/
    I never do them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyM View Post
    I need to start doing the dishes =/
    I never do them.
    A trick I have with dishes, since I live on my own, every single item I use, when I'm finished, I clean it, just an habit I took, takes 2-3 minutes, I can't stand to have dirty dishes in my sink or anywhere...

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    What a coincidence. I was alone with my brother a week ago. Parents went away for a few days and I was responsible for the whole house. I want that certificate too I was cooking, washing dishes, vaccuum cleaning, watering plants, everything needed. I could have a party instead but no I'm responsible...And this is much more valuable to me. The result is parents believe me and give me a freedom.

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    Haha. Must've been awesome. I remember when I was 17 my mom went to Florida for 3 weeks and it was just me and my caretaker in the house. I had a lot of fun but after 3 days I started to miss her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PamperedGoddess View Post
    I had a lot of fun but after 3 days I started to miss her.
    yeh the house did feel a bit emty

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    I feel this is basically this entire thread:

    Also, all I can think right now is the scene from Doctor Who - for those who don't know, he has a fancy bit of paper that is blank, but to the person looking at it, it'll appear to either be whatever they need to see to let the Doctor do his thing (badge, letter of authority, etc), OR whatever the Doctor declares it to be (certificate, etc). Whatever his lie, the paper will change to support it.

    He's talking to a child, pulls out the paper, and declares "I think you'll find I'm universally recognised as a mature and responsible adult!"
    Child: It's just a bunch of wavy lines.
    Doctor: It it? Darn, must've shorted out. Finally, a lie too big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyM View Post
    I need to start doing the dishes =/
    I never do them.
    for small stuff like snacks we have paper plates

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