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Thread: How to make a diaper

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    Question How to make a diaper

    I want to experience being in a diaper, but I am not able to buy any. Are there any ways of making a diaper?

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    Take a large trash bag cut leg holes into it step into the bag do a dry fit cut off the excess from the top leaving right below your belly button mark a f in the front this way you cannot make a mistake. Then take paper towels fold them flat and make sure you have enough to use as absorbent material maybe 1-2 inch thick place in the bag and tape the papertowels to the bag ensure its securely taped then if you want add in booster pads where needed if male in front if female between the crotch. then slide up your newly made diaper make sure not to be forceful that plastic will tear once its up and fits okay get a pair of underwear and put them on to secure it while you get a very long piece of duct tape or packing tape and use the tape to secure the top of the bag(diaper) to your waist/stomach and you just made yourself a diaper note it will be VERY NOISY !!!

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    There's a step-by-step article on this website on how to create your own makeshift diapers. It has pictures, so it should give you a general idea of what you should do and what the end result should look like.

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    Or use a bath towel and fold it like you would with any other cloth diaper.

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    Weird, I used the exact link. You can still find the article here:
    ADISC Main Page > Articles > Products > Makeshift Diapers: A How-To Guide

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    When I was young I used to use a Bath Towel and the garbage bag. I did not cut the garbage bag I just folded it to shape it to fit and used tape to fasten it on. It worked well enough for me while living at home. I would skip school to do it. It gave me the time to wash the towel and throw the garbage bag.

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    Thanks! This seems like the simplest diaper yet.

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    You don't even have to do anything to the trash bag. Just poke your finger through where want the hole and stretch it for a better seal. For padding I used a bath towel folded like a pad between two pair of briefs. I tucked the extra trash bag into the top. That setup worked great!

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