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Thread: Severe anxiety Nappy delivery :(

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    Default Severe anxiety Nappy delivery :(

    Hi all, does anyone else get extremely nervous when waiting for deliveries? People I live with do not know I wear Nappies so I have to be extremely sneaky all of the time, I really do not know how I have got away without being caught for like 2 years now, I just grab my delivery and bolt upstairs.

    During the time I am waiting for my nappies I have severe anxiety, I start to not be able to breathe, thoughts race through my mind "I'm going to get caught" I go bright red, feel like I am going to be sick and my whole body shakes.

    I guess if caught I will say I have been having problems with bedwetting, I wear just 1 nappy per day and that is to bed, I am just petrified of being caught but honestly after all the severe panic I tell myself it is worth it once I have a nappy on, snuggle up in bed cuddling my pillow and I am in heaven, I spend the whole days just waiting and waiting for bedtime to put my nappy on.

    I order through "Nappies r us" because they are the only company who provide 100% correct tracking, the tracking really is great, I am awaiting for them to get the Bambino Magnificos as I have seen that those nappies are even thicker than ABU?!

    To all who suffer anxiety, my heart goes out to you, I promise

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    Got my fingers crossed for you this goes according to plan buddy.

    Generally speaking I pick up my nappies so I don't have any concerns about it, is that an option from Nappies r us?

    If not you should petition ABU to open up in your area.

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    I feel your pain. Tracking helps. I tend to intercept the package halfway up the drive. But when im not going to be about to catch it i get it mailed to the local post office. They charge $5 holding fee but i recon its worth it.

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    All the more reason to tell those closest to you.

    Remember, it doesn't even need to be about them. Reducing your stress in examples like this are the best reason to "get it off you chest". Plus, there's the added bonus of including those around you with your inner most needs. Now they will be able to recognise you trust them that much, OR you will be able to find out if they actually care about you or are so superficial you need to dump them.

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    Funny thing is, my roommates have actually grabbed the boxes of diapers left on the front porch and put them in my room. It's crazy thinking that they haven't even realized they are holding a box full of adult diapers with animal prints on them.

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    I just have my diapers sent to my work address all my boss know is o got a package and thinks noting of it

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    only when I mistype the address/ they deliver it to the nut next door or the box rips

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    @MartinPeters you can always have DPD send you order to a pickup shop instead of being delivered at home. The DPD app is great for that. But I do know the feeling, had it all the time when I lived at home. It gets easier with time though when you realise people aren't as suspicious of everything as you think.

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    I've never had a problem they always come in a plain wrapper. To be honest I'm past caring what others think though.

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    A while back I had an issue myself. Waiting for the UPS man to drop off a package. I saw the truck pull up but they went across the street and delivered something but not for me. I started to panic. Turns out I typed the wrong address in my shipping info and it went to an address that didn't exist. I freaked out and my wife was able to call UPS and sort it out. I went and picked up the package at their main site the following Monday. I have two kids and while I was freaking out, I just told them I was expecting a private package and would probably be getting these packages every now and then. Honestly, I don't think either of my kids really cares.

    But you can have your packages held for pickup a lot of the time. Last week I had FedEx hold my Bambino order and I came down and got it on my own time and brought it in while they were at school.

    I know how frustrating and scary it can be, especially when you don't know exactly when the box is arriving (as in hours) and for many of us in this community it is an all too familiar stress. But look at it on the bright side. At least you're getting another shipment of diapers! That's always groovy!

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