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Thread: best pullups, easy ups, or goodnights etc?

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    Question best pullups, easy ups, or goodnights etc?

    I know there has ben a lot of talk of this on but what are the best pullups? I dont mean depends or anything like that im talking like abdl designed ones if they exist or huggies pull ups, pampers easy ups, goodnights etc, im a size 37, looking for ones that would fit me.

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    From what I've experienced Tranquility has some of the best

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    At 37, you're SOL on pull ups that will fit you. XL Goodnites are the absolute largest you can get with designs, and at 32 I'm at the top end of fitting without tearing the sides. ABDL pull ups just aren't a thing that exists.

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    depends are decent for underwear, tena has better absorbency but horrible leg gaurds sorry if your looking for something kid like but for adults, no pull up product exists

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    Huggies Goodnites are the largest with designs and they will be much too small for you. Huggies Pull-ups, Pampers Easy Ups (and Underjams) would require a much smaller waist, I have a 27/28 inch waist and I can't fit in them so you have no hope honestly.

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    Northshore makes some decent plain white adult ones if you really insist on a pull up. I can't see a 37 waist fitting in a baby/kid product.

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    Jeez, getting tired of these pullup questions. You are too big for kids pullups. There is no such thing as a best pullup. They are all inferior.

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    I was thinking the same think.

    If an adult is bent on using a pullup, then baby pullups will not fit- no matter how much you wish they would (okmos excepted). I hear northshore makes a semi decent pullup, but even they are vastly inferior to tape style- adult- diapers.

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