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Thread: Duct tape on diapers

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    Default Duct tape on diapers

    How many of you have or do use duct tape on your diapers? I have it on mine right now.

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    I have used it through out the years as a good helper when it dought.

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    I have used clear packing tape on occasion to help secure bad tapes or create a landing zone. Can't say I ever used Duct tape. It just would look awful in my opinion.

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    Definitely used packing tape both clear and an awful brown one on diapers that have had melted spots on them or known SAP pinholes.

    I understand strong tape can be used where the diapers one tapes fail but maybe that would mean cutting the diaper off later?

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    I've used it when the tapes won't stick anymore.

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    Nope. I use diapers that have tape which actually work. And for the unusual batch which has bad tapes, I use packing tape. It works just as good, AND is easier to remove by hand.

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    I use clear duct tape when I wear a thin diaper like Depends are. If the diaper is an ABDL diaper that doesn't have a great tape landing zone; I'll use the clear duct tape to make one. And sometimes when I am wearing any other diaper that does not have a landing zone I'll print out some babyish prints on paper and put a piece of clear duct tape on them and use that for a landing zone. Overall the duct tape holds great.

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    To clear up some confusion: Duct tape is not clear. That would be packing tape. Duct tape is usually gray or olive green in color and is not see through. It has plastic or nylon threads throughout the tape to give it strength. It is not very smooth nor makes for a comfortable feel on a diaper. It is the tape you will see in movies that the villan might use to cover someone's mouth so they can't scream out (please do not use it for that reason as you could seriously hurt someone). I believe what most are referring to when talking about the clear, wide, seliphane type tape that is usually in 2" or so wide rolls, is good old packing tape.

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