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    Ok here is a little background about me.

    When i was around 6 i was held back in kindergarten as a result i was placed in the nursery which was on the third floor of the parish hall as a result there was a child gate blocking the stairs and one morning i had to use the bathroom and the teacher wouldn't open the gate because she was the only one watching the nursery so she couldn't take me so i ended up peeing my pants so as a result i was put into diapers for the day. That is when i found out i liked diapers.

    Growing up i did not understand my desire to waer diapers and could not get them.

    When i was 18 i still had a pediatrician and one day a grabbed the biggest baby diapers i could find in the exam room cabinet and at night when everyone was asleep i would use making tape to put on and use the diaper.

    Then after i got a laptop from renta center and got on to wifi at home i started too do searches on adults who liked to wear diapers and also like baby stuff thats when i found out that i was AB. That was in the mid 2000's.

    In 2009 my life was not going good emotionally and i had to repress my AB feelings because my family wouldn't have understood. Then in July off 2009 my life came crashing down on me and i was told i had Stage 3C Colorectal cancer and was treated. As a result i was left with bladder leakage. I wore adult pull ups until my family decided that i didn't need them and made me wear mens guard.

    In 2011 after repressing my AB side and tenancies i had a break down during involuntary hospitalization i decided to allow myself my AB feelings. I got my life back on track. Got a degree in computers and got a job early in January 2017.

    Then on March 31st i got a call from my oncologist saying my recent tests confirmed that my cancer was back and my mind collapsed. My AB side helped me stay stable and of sound mind.

    Now my treatment plan includes 2 or more months of chemo, then 5 to 8 weeks of radiation therapy then surgery that may leave my with a urostomy which i am totally against i would rather be in diapers the rest of my life than deal with another ostomy.

    On the day i go for cancer surgery i am leaving a protected document for my caretaker/PCA/ Healthcare proxy that will explain that i am AB and that is part of who i am should things go bad.

    Any suggestions as to what to say

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    First I want to say how sorry I am that all these terrible things are happening to you. I think you have every right to make the decision as to whether you have an ostomy or can wear diapers as an alternative. This is your life and you're the one who has to live it. I hope the surgery and chemo works for you and is successful.

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    I'm not an attorney. I would recommend checking with an attorney to make sure your directive is legally binding.

    With that said, I think that if you were to write out that you would prefer diapers and do not want an ostomy, that would be sufficient.

    I don't think you need to tell anyone why you would prefer diapers, just that you do.

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    Hi Wyatte.

    Having a kind of living will is a very good idea I thing.

    These are just my suggestion and you will have to tailor it to your need and wonts.

    First I would start with inducing yourself
    What you would like people to call you, do you want to call you “baby ……” or “little one” and so on.

    You age and the age you feel on the inside.

    Explain what an Adult Baby Little is: this is mine but you may wish to put it differently. “Adult Baby Little. This is a person that feels very young on the inside and enjoys spending time regressed into a mind-set of a baby. Within this you will need to put when you like to regress and what it will do for you.

    Explain the use of a pacifier. i.e. “It helps you to regress, It helps you contrite on thing, It helps you with stress relief from anxiety.
    And it’s a comforter.”

    Stuffies (cuddly toys)
    Explain you have a stuffie or stuffies what their names are and that a carer will need to treat them as family members.

    What your like and dislikes are and if you have a favourite thing.
    This need to cover foods types and things like music and TV programs, favourite places to visit and so on.
    you could also put in your prefered brand diapers and where some one can get them.

    What would your perfect day be like.
    Think what your perfect day from the time you wake up to the time you go back to sleep.

    Your circle of friends and family with you at the centre and put the people and the stuffies that are closes to you then the one that are not so important to you on the outside of the circle.

    Will I hope this is helpful to you.

    I wish you all the best with the treatment, I know that chemo therapy is no fun at all.

    Let us all know how you are doing, through it.


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