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Thread: improving going out in public in diaper in pants

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    Default improving going out in public in diaper in pants

    I know this gets overkill but I have done it several times in confiny diapers in the breakroom with some girls and guys but I am still nervous can't relax so I went to longs drugs and got I package of medium cvs diapers and pamper wipes I am a size 30 so that's got be right so maybe the thinnest will help make it easy and over time work in diaper thanks for help oh I am drinking more water so its feeling better

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    Okay I see a thread with 5 pages to same topic. I can admit I did something. Wrong

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    just relax. The more worked up you are, the less you can figure out with what you want.

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    I seem to want to not be so nervous. I did it a few times. But negative. Feeling doesn't. Go away I did read on adisc. That you have to do it akalot nobody. Can tell you how

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    the way you get over it is doing it. its like getting into cold water... at firsts its uncomfortable, but you eventually adjust.

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    Okay I. Buy long drug braid. Which will help or stick with comfy 24/7. Thank you

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    just out of the blue I am getting mix info some say change diapers every 2 pee some say change it when its full on pee I use comfy 24/7 diapers thanks

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    A Dry 24/7 will last more than two wettings for most people. I have worn them for the better part of day when driving to Florida (1100 miles). If not sure, wear at home over a weekend and test it out. I would not go in public with any unknown diaper until trying at home first, to capacity (as in make it leak before changing), standing, sitting and lying down. Once you do this, you will feel so much more confident when going out.

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    I am concern with not getting. Uti and I just going wear for only my dinner at work. I can't. Wear during. Work because. Too thick. And have to focus on work

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    just keep your self clean and change when you need to. I wait till i change went I am wet, I don't keep track on how many times I use keep hydrated and leave it at that

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