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Thread: Acceptable excuses in the following scenario

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    Default Acceptable excuses in the following scenario

    Say you were to get caught wearing a diaper by someone, but you don't actually need to wear them 24/7 and instead you wear them for fun, comfort and/or security. What can you say that will make that person be okay with their discovery while also covering the fact that that same person may encounter you not wearing at some other point? So if they'd encounter you in normal undies next week, they would not find that weird.

    This has to do with my main concern of wearing outdoors. If I get caught and need to explain myself, it's probably gonna be weird if they would see me wearing normal underwear after that.

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    This is a most likely a temporary plumbing issue that I would rather not discuss please respect that .just know my doctor is working the issue! Thank you for your concern.

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    About three years ago I had a bad kidney stone. Part of the treatment was a stent. The stent caused spasms which caused me to wet.

    Every since this it has been my default excuse.

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    "I have to wear diapers when my medical condition is flaring up."

    That is what I tell people. In my case though it isn't an excuse, I just wear 24/7 so I don't have to stress about if I'll have a flare up or not. I can usually predict what flares me up, but I've been pretty shocked at times as well.

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    How about not showing people your underwear on a regular basis when you are out and about?
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    I would think going with saying it's a temporary condition would work, but I would imagine most people outside of people who know you well would never say a word, or they would just let you know your diaper is showing or something along those lines.

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    Something medical - you're recovering from medical treatment, some sort of infection

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    If they didn't just assume it was for medical reasons (or knew of DLs), I'd just ask why they cared.

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    Step 1 is obviously not getting caught in the first place, but of course life can throw a curve ball at any time. My problem is that I don't know what people think, because autism, hence the reason I asked. It definitely makes me less anxious about possibly wearing all the time, because I can apparently back off in the eyes of others. Thanks for the replies everyone.

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