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    Hi all. new here. 36 year old incontinent dude from new England. I'm not really into ABDL, maybe a bit of DL inasmuch as my diapers have become such an ingrained part of my life that they do bring me a good deal of comfort. That said, I don't have a fetish for them or any interest in "little" stuff. I'm open minded though and really don't care what other people are into.

    I became incontinent a few years ago. Started with bedwetting and gradually developed day time problems as well. Basically have OAB with severe urge incontinence at this point and have had no luck at all with any treatments. I've tried so many pills I can't even keep track anymore. Nothing worked so I gave up on treatment. Wearing diapers is the only thing that has worked. While not a cure obviously, it's the only thing that restored my confidence to leave the house. Took quite a while to accept them and move forward, but I've come to a point where I can't imagine not being in a diaper and they've become a very comforting thing for me.

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    Hello MassIncon and welcome to the group.

    Very informative introduction.


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    Welcome to the group. I've had urge incontinence (OAB and IBS) my entire life, which only got worse in my 20's. I went through all the drugs and finally accepted wearing diapers, though I can't remember a time when I didn't want to wear diapers.

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    Hi and welcome. You've come to what I hope you will find to be a good place. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

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