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Thread: Worcester Mass...abdl diaper on I90

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    Default Worcester Mass...abdl diaper on I90

    I passed an abdl diaper on the shoulder of I-90 before the 290/395 split. It was a Crinklz animal print.

    mm89 eb
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    I know it wasn't mine because i am still home and i currently wear adult pull ups

    At least i know there are other ABs in my area now

    But yah leaving your diaper on the side of the road is not good

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    There are littles everywhere. I know quite a few in Mass, but littering is pretty lame and gross tho.

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    Not mine right at 190 and 290 right at work eating my lunch

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    That's nasty. But that's because it's bio-waste. I'd show the same revulsion for a used wad of toilet paper or sanitary pad on the ground. But it is always interesting to get real world reminders of just how common we are.

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    I've seen a lot more baby diapers improperly disposed of than adult though. The majority of them in grocery store parking lots, many left in shopping carts. Probably the kid used their diaper while in shopping with mom, who changed them when getting to the car with the groceries. And instead of taking the used diaper to a bin or taking it home, left it in the cart or laying in the parking lot.

    But yeah, not cool. Don't do that.

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    Good to know there's more of us in New England. Soon there will be one less in nh because I'm moving to Maine yaaaay��

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