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Thread: caffeine pills & other orders.

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    Default caffeine pills & other orders.

    Lets say I bought 960 caffeine pills :O

    I'm not fussed, but damn there gonna last a while.

    Each pill contains 200MG (240 pills in a bottle) got roughly 4 bottles, was on special so I got them.

    Yes, I do have a caffeine addiction and generally do large amounts of caffeine anyways this will be fun

    I generally drink 10 cups of coffee a day, but my body is getting time consuming, so I'm going with pills + soda. gonna make my own "energy drinks"

    I got myself a laptop for coding and "stuff" going to slap possibly osx or ubuntu on it.

    I also got myself 16GB of DDR3 memory, so hopefully that helps me with VMs and what not.

    That is all for now.

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    I could use some of that extra caffeine about now...
    That's Probably a bit much for me though

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    please be careful and considerate to your body, caffeine pills can be much more hard wearing on your kidneys, as well as your body in general, caffeine pills can lead to sleeping disorders, and interrupting restful sleep causes damage all of its own.

    Please drink lots of PURE water, after taking your pills/energy drinks.

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