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Thread: Diapers at court

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    Default Diapers at court

    the thread on diapers at the air port inspired this one, going though the check points at a court of law.

    My experience my also apply to the air port as well since I wear a belt with a metal buckle

    A number of years back I had to go to court to get rid of a conviction that I had from when I was 19, so 17 years later I wanted to get that conviction vacated so I come into court building in my best suit but I had lost a bit off mass so my pants where lose with out a belt, so I got all my metal off and still set off the detector so they asked me to take my belt off and I did and my pants slipped and fell right to the floor in front of a few police officers, and yes every one saw my diaper, it was so quiet you could hear a mouse pass gas, terrified I pulled my pants back up and just said "I hate it when that happens" and every one got a good laugh out of that comment, had I not added in a little humor I think I would have just fell apart.
    Cops see a lot of things but I think that was a first for them and after where very professional.
    And I did get my record vacated

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    That was the perfect way to react. I always hope if I have an embarrassing diaper-related exposure that I'll stay cool and positive as well. I'm learning to stop seeing this as bad-weird. It's good-weird so that's the right attitude and way to carry yourself!

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    I hate having to take off my belt for the metal detectors at my job so I just wear sweat pants over the diaper that I am wearing. Usually I wear an ABU Preschool Cloth backed extra taped on so where the tapes don't pop off and a pair on plastic pants over the diaper.

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    I don't go thru the metal detector at all , they spot check me when I go in to look for any very high readings , but I usually check my weapons going in because I know they are gonna be jerks about it otherwise , if justice was really going on they would not be fearfull of anyone , but since they have demonstrated s complete inability to rule by anything other than fear and bullying people that's to be expected , you might say I have an inherent bias against cops glory boy attitudes , I don't care who gets credit for the save just do the friggin years on the fire department we had to keep extra guys on in order to fight with the ESU guys who wanted to jump the call for the press ,little did they know we could care less if we did the call and they took the media pat on the head , we weren't looking to be called heroes we just did our job , helped those that needed it and onto the next one .so my ability to appreciate cops is through that lens which admittedly not all cops are that shallow but I don't want to hang around to find out if this is a good one .

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    With so many people wearing for medical reasons, I don't think being caught in a public place wearing is such a big deal. You will likely never see these people again in any case. So make the best of it with a joke if in that position.

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    Yup. About 5+ years ago I had to go to court to get a speeding ticket thrown out. My experience going through their check point was very much in line with the airport back then.

    Luckily my pants didn't fall down o me though.

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    I will be traveling wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants. Do diaper pins set off the metal detector?

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    Yes they do , if you want to avoid the hassle get some plastic boingos.

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    Somewhere through the urban legends has it that some jurisdictions put diapers on the prisoners at the jail before they head to the courthouse so there is no excuse for the prisoner to go to use the bathroom so the proceedings can proceed without delay or incident. Anyone know this to be fact or fiction ?

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    Don't think I've heard of that. I've heard of condemned prisoners being diapered for execution, but not that.

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