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Thread: Menís Dungaree Shorts for my Little bro

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    Cool Menís Dungaree Shorts for my Little bro

    Hi All.

    Can anyone help I am trying to find a pair of Menís Dungaree Shorts for my Little bro. but I donít want to spend too much on them.

    They donít have to be ABDL ones.

    OK a bit of back ground in July Isaac and I are going to meet up and Isaac is going to be in little space for the weekend, he really wonts to go for it from the Friday to the Sunday three days of being in Little space. a real Adult Baby Little~ caregiver relationship for the weekend.

    Part of this, is he wonts me to take control, and make all the decisions for him, part of this is getting him dressed to go out on the Saturday morning in whatever I decide he is going to wear.

    My scope on this is. In hotel room Diaper and t-shirts or snap crutch onesie. Outside hotel room childlike clothing but no Diaper showing.

    He doesnít have a pair of Dungaree Shorts, and I was thinking of surprising him, it will be summer time and I hope sunny I will let him have a hoodie over the top. So he not to self-conscious and comes out of little space.

    He likes the idea of just relaxing and let me be the one that make decisions for him, keep him safe.

    Trying to work out my scope of control has been so interesting.

    I said I will get a pair of rains to put on him if he runs of, just to see what he felt about being in baby rains, and he seem fine about it. donít think I am going to do this on out first try.

    Anyway if anyone knows where I can get Dungaree Shorts size L that is not too much money, it would be great.

    Kind of glad Isaac is not on this site so I can still surprise him.
    We are both so looking forward to his weekend.

    And if it goes well the next one when it is my turn to be in Little space and Isaac will be my Big for the week end.



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    Aside from eBay, you could try vintage clothing places like Rokit in the UK

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