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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Default Hello everyone

    My name is Thomas. I'm not fully incontinent, but recently I've been experiencing bladder and bowel problems that are a result from my multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed with MS when I was 19. I figured I join adisc mostly to vent and to talk to people with people who experience incontinence as well. In my free time I enjoy camping,hiking and sports.This is the same thing on my profile but i didn't know what else to add.

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    Hi welcome. I totally understand and sympathise with you.

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    I too enjoy some of the same things you do, camping, fishing hiking, my sports are baseball, and sometimes football. This a great place to meet new people and share with experiences. I too have bladder problems and find it nessrssary to where Diapers. And enjoy doing so

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    Thank you. I use to play baseball and I like to watch football.

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    Hi Thomas and welcome!

    I am also IC and enjoy hiking, though now I'm getting older, my knees won't let me hike as much as I used to. Camping though... no thanks. I like to sleep in a nice comfy bed!

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    Thanks downtide! I mostly enjoy the camping for the nature aspect as i also dont like sleeping in a sleeping bag.

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    Hi and welcome, Thomas. You'll find a very friendly and supportive community here. I look forward to seeing you around.

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