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    Default Sleep position

    In your opinion what is the best position for sleep in order to avoid leaks?

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    I would guess sleeping on your stomach, I sleep on my side and that's the worst for leaks

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    Sleep on my stomach here, legs apart (but that's probably because of my diaper anyway). I always sleep with a booster pad in too which I'll position to make sure it's 'up' at the front so there's plenty of extra absorption there.

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    either on your back or stomach with a proper fitting premiim diaper, I find if I point down when I tape on the diaper I get fewer leaks even if I am on my side but side sleeping and disposable diapers will always be an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLPJ View Post
    In your opinion what is the best position for sleep in order to avoid leaks?
    I've always thought it was on your back? Gives you the best opportunity to use the most padding possible - a little of the front, all of the crotch, and all of the back? If you sleep on your stomach, you can't use the back of your diaper at all? And that's where the biggest storage area is?

    And definitely not on your side. Very high risk of leaking in a disposable. (go with cloth and plastic pants if you must side-sleep and wet)

    And the usual advice also, guys point down, and fold a bit of an open gutter in the crotch to allow for fast drainage to the back padding.

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    I fold the front of the brief above the tapes inward to form a top gutter which redirects flow back into the diaper. I also have started doing this in back too. Seems to help alot.

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    Stomach for me is the only 100% leak proof, though it wont hold as much. Back is iffy, because sometimes the pee comes up the front and leaks over the sides. When it does this, sometimes it goes above the waist, and right into my bed. Side sleeping works sometimes, especially if I have an erection, which slows the flow enough for the diaper to keep up, but when flaccid, it usually overwhelms the diaper.

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    I wear a triple boosted super heavy weight night diaper , I think the Titanic didn't have adequate protection for its little iceberg problem , simply because I wear enough diapers to bed for three people . I am a side sleeper to fall asleep but wind up by morning on my back .

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    I too believe the most capacity would be on your back. I have also over the years had problems when on my back with fluid trickling above my stomach and to the sides, which would cause a leak. I think more recently, using better diapers and getting the right size, fit, channeling (folding the diaper in half the long way before wearing) and taping properly with tight on the bottom and angled and tight at the top tapes, I have been more successful with the back wetting. I still feel more comfortable on my stomach, but only get one wetting or a little more before I leak. So get the right size diaper (too big can be just as bad as too small with gaps in the wrong places and tapes that don't land in the right place to keep the padding correct against your body). Once you figure this out, capacity on your back will be greater.

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