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Thread: Books + Diapers Giveaway! (Ends 05/10/17)

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    Cool Books + Diapers Giveaway! (Ends 05/10/17)

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    Hello everybody.

    In celebration of the release of my book "Where the Lost Boys meet", I'm going to be hosting a small giveaway here at ADISC. Thanks to Moo for permitting me to do this!

    So, all you have to do is reply to this post and I'll assign you a number. Then I'll randomly pick a number on May 10 and that person will win 2 Large Space Diapers and one paperback copy of each book! And because I'm a good person, I'll pick a second number and that second place will win ebook formats of the books. Are you up for it?

    Anyway, here are the summaries of the books!

    Of Deviant Hearts:
    A journal, a writer's log, a notepad and a diary. The owners of these are deviant hearts, teenagers that try to understand their identity, their sexuality, their addictions, and finally, find their place in the world. Journey through the senior years of Sam, Richie, Dylan and Alexa in this coming of age story, in which they will understand that being different doesn't make them different, just special.

    Where the Lost Boys meet:

    Meet the Lost Boys. We have Scott, who was kicked out of home because he was gay. Meet Jason, who was sent to his shrink uncle because he liked to wear diapers. We have Milo, who has so many demons he's can't find himself. As the three of them come to live together, they will learn the true value of friendship and the bond of brotherhood, and they'll need to if they want to survive this wild world...

    Both novellas contain significant ABDL content, so I hope you guys are up to entering this giveaway.

    Anyway, have a great rest of the week!
    Lots of hugs,
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    Hope to read the book soon.

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    Is this anything like "black thorns", because if it is then assign me a number!

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    Sign me up! Good luck everyone!

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    I'm up for it!! Although you should tell us more about where to find these books!

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    Wow! Thanks for the chance at a pair of diapers & some reading material! I'll enter, even knowing that I'll never win. I'd bet that if there were a contest where someone else had 1 out of a possible 1000 entries & I had the remaining 999/1000 I would still lose! Luck has never been my strong suit.
    Either way, I thank you very much!

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    Oh hey sounds great, I am so up for participating =^.^=
    Both books sound interesting too :3

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    Congratulations on our writing and publishing. There's so much power in the written word.

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    They both sound like great books, congrats! Sign me up!

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