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Thread: Not sure how to describe this...

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    Default Not sure how to describe this...

    After some soul-searching, I've come to the conclusion that the idea of being babied- aside from being changed- does very little for me. Instead, I've come to enjoy the thought of something that, though related, took me entirely by surprise- the idea of being a carer of another AB rather than being cared for.

    Can anybody relate to this?

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    Yup, totally. It didn't take any soul searching for me as much as.. well, I don't care for this, but I'd totally love to have an AB to care for. It took about that long as well.

    Of course, I am a DL with only a few AB tendencies, so it might have come easier to me.

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    Personally, I can, although I tended to go back and forth between wanting to be a baby and wanting to baby someone else, when I was actively doing AB stuff (long story). And I know others who feel the same way. You're hardly alone

    As I've gotten older, I've realized that both my desires to be babied and baby another AB have faded. And in place of that I'm starting to want to have a baby. Not that I that I plan (or want) for that to happen anytime soon.

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    I actually find myself wanting to switch roles "parent" to "baby" from time to time though I always tend to fall back into being the baby. I have a hard time fully immersing myself into the role of the baby though. I tend to feel awkward if I try... even if I am alone. I'm guessing that greater ease comes to the role-playing part the more you do it. You have to get comfortable with it or something like that.

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    I'm new to this all, but I think I'm a DL, but I do sometimes fantasize about being a daddy to my girlfriend (but she doesn't know about my feelings, so doubt it'll happen unless I tell her one day, she accepts it, and has the same feelings!)

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