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Thread: Baby powder allergy options?

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    Question Baby powder allergy options?

    So I very recently found out I am allergic to corn... That means no corn syrup, corn meal or on the subject of baby powder corn starch is out too. And I have heard it's not great to use the talc powders because of health issues and was wondering if there were other options.

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    Opinions vary (and we've debated it a few times here also) but my opinion on talc is it's safe as long as you're not inhaling much of it. Breathe through your nose and try to time your breathing a bit when sending up clouds of talc. Empty a bit directly into your hands and then rub it on instead of hosing yourself down, to keep the talc cloud to a minimum.

    Corn Starch and Talc are really the big two. Other products are usually based on that with other things added in. If you want to avoid the two, you're probably going to have to go with lotions and cremes. I've had mixed experience myself with them, as MOST cremes seem to attack adhesives in diapers, the adhesives that hold the back sheet to the shell, leak guards to the back sheet, or (most often) elastic to the leak guards or leg gathers.

    I find that my skin gets irritated very fast if a leak guard elastic band "escapes" from the leak guard. It pulls tight like a guitar string and starts digging into my skin in the crotch, skin which has already been softened by the presence of the lotion. I've also had leak guards separate from the back sheet, or back sheet separate from the shell (which causes sap to get everywhere, frequent with bambino), and DC Amore Kitten for some reason are extremely prone to losing all three of their elastic bands in the leg gathers if exposed to lotion. Diapers with "double elastic bands" in the leak guards (like ABU) seem to be much more immune to escaping elastic bands in the presence of lotion. So if my skin is experiencing eczema and I need to dump on lotion overnight, I go with ABU space. The back sheet may come loose from the shell, but at least the leak guards won't dig in.

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    You can also get potato starch powder, usually online only though.

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    I used to buy potato starch at a magic shop in Woodstock, substitute it for sugar in the bowl when somebody came over , teaspoon of it in a coffee cup turns it into a solid mass.

    I use Medline remedy restore products ,they are safe for both my cloth and disposables as most of them are petroleum free , and come in a selection of products everything from a simple single barrier cream all the way to a clean, moisturize and barrier in a single wipe on product , they a corn and talc free and if you get s script from your doctor covered by most insurance plans. You can also get script from your doctor for a tube of pure zinc oxide , most zinc oxide products add petroleum to make it spread easier .

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    Thanks for the help, probably going to have to go the lotion route soon then.

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    i use purple essentials' baby powder, which absorbs excess moisture to help prevent chafing and irritation of delicate skin. A calming essential oil blend of lavender and tangerine with no corn starch or talc. i use johnson baby oil before powder when have i rash from acidity pee problem.

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    I use Johnson's lavender body lotion at bedtime , big time sleep disorders so anything that might get me a little more rest gets used , lavender is very calming, I used to have apnea and started using lavender in oil in my bipap machine .

    Another old pro diapering tip is coconut oil , it's anti bacterial and can be used as in place of rash cream , it's also very good for humans I use it a lot in cooking and actually put a little in my coffee in the morning .it is "semisolid" at room temperature but becomes a liquid at a very low temperature , if i am not mistaken in both desitin , balmex and zinc creams it's used in them all .

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