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Thread: Help getting diapers

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    Default Help getting diapers

    So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am going to be camping this summer as a counselor with a buddy of mine, and would like to get diapers for the week. I live with my parents and can't ship them to my house, and I currently don't have a car. I was thinking of mailing them through Amazon to the camp about 3 days before so they show up when I am settled and won't draw suspicion. Is this a good plan? Any tips or things to change/add to this plan are much appreciated and helpful!

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    Figure out how you're going to dispose of diapers at the camp, unless you intend to take them back with you. I assume you're going to have your own tent to change in?

    Have fun at camp!

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    If the diapers are actually coming from Amazon then they will use the generic Amazon box with Prime tape and they would be totally discrete. You would just have to make sure they are either shipped and sold by Amazon or shipped by Amazon but sold by a third party. As long as Amazon is handling the shipping your plan should be fine. The easiest way to tell is to look for the prime logo next to the price of the item, if it has the prime logo Amazon is the one doing the shipping.

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    There are trash cans there, and yes I will have my own tent, thank you!

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    how close will you be to a pharmacy? My advice it would be easiest to get them before you get there, having them mailed there alot of things can go wrong (package rips, it gets mislaid).

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    I will not be close to one, but even so I am getting a ride from my mother so I wouldn't be able to stop

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    Also for amazon and others, look for the magic words "drop-shipped" on the listing. That means that although they are the retailer, they will NOT be handling your package at all. It will be "drop-shipped" directly from their supplier to you, and will very likely come in non-discrete packaging. I've bought stuff from other retailers before, and in their listing it says "drop-shipped by amazon", meaning the retailer I bought it from never touched my product. Amazon sold it to them and they then sold it to me, but amazon will be shipping it directly to my door. It's possible for amazon to drop-ship from another supplier in just the same way. You might find "drop-shipped by abena" in an amazon listing, and that means it's coming directly from abena's warehouse to your door and won't be getting repacked by amazon.

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    Thank you. I looked on Amazon and couldn't find just an 11 pack of Goodnites XL's, so I am having a friend pick me up one day, and I will buy at the store. I have a cover story for why I'm getting them, just in case. Any tips are still so much appreciated, thank you all!

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    My cover story is this- "my friend used to wet the bed and we joke about it all the time, and his birthday is coming up soon, so I thought this would be a funny gag gift." Also, I would tell them not to tell my parents, as they would come over after and hang out, and my reason for that is that my mom would find it as a weird gift and may see it in a different way, even if I explained it to her.

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    That's a good one. My cover story is that I'm a DL and just like using them. Much more believable, and much more of a "shocker". It gets some really good reactions too.

    Seriously though. You do NOT need an excuse to fulfil a mental need. Get them, and stop caring what everyone else "might" possibly think.

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