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    Default Rawr diapers

    I just got a sample of these with my pacifier. I got to say they are really comfy and they fit me perfectly. I wanted to know what everyone else thought about them and to see if anyone knows of a similar diaper, sizewise.

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    They're okay. They look like a reskin of MyDiaper, which are acceptable. Price is pretty good too for what you get. The foam across the waistband is a nice unique feature.

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    One day I will try these as well!

    They are busy looking but kinda cool and if they are like a MyDiaper then they should be pretty fabulous.

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    being a lazy creature but what website are these on? I did not see that on my diaper if it was the correct site anyway

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    (maybe a little OT) MyDiaper is surprisingly good for what you pay. They're fairly cheap, product quality and features are very good, there's a varied selection of shell art available, and they actually have fairly good capacity. I wore a MyDiaper Night (the dark blue ones) last night and it has capacity getting fairly close to say a bambino teddy. Sizing is a bit small though, smaller than bambino even.

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