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Thread: which diapers should I get?

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    Default which diapers should I get?

    I've been looking for a good kind of diaper to wear for a while. the only diapers I've worn as an abdl are these adult diapers that I forget the name of, I think they were abena (I can show you pictures of what I mean) for a few months, and they were decent. now I've been wearing goodnites and the target brand "nighttime underwear", which I'm wearing right now since I got more on Saturday. I'm enjoying these pull-up style diapers, but I really want to try actual diapers because they'd hold even more than these ones, and they look so comfortable and cute! I've always wanted to wear a baby diaper, like luvs or huggies, but once I bought some pampers size 6 and they didn't fit me (though in retrospect I could have kept them and used them as stuffers). I've seen online Baby diapers in size 7, but I've never seen them in any store I've gone to, and store shopping is how I've always gotten my diapers. I want to try adult diapers, but I really don't know which ones are good because I've seen mixed reviews for all of them.
    I'm also thinking about ordering them online. It'd have to be in discreet packaging because I really don't want anyone else to see. I'll probably go with adult diapers, but as I said I don't know which are good. I'm just looking for ones that are thick and comfy and holds a good amount, and still able to wear in public and conceal with the right outfit. ABUniverse is pretty popular, so I may try out some of those. the thing I'm most worried is the fit. I've never measured my waist before and I don't think I have a tape measure or anything, so I'd probably just have to estimate. I donít want large packs, either, so I could also get sample packs if I find some good ones.
    so is there any kind of diaper you would recommend for me based on this? I'd love to get more information about this because I know there are so many good diapers out there that I have yet to try.

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    get some depends, quiet under clothes but thicker then what you've been wearing.

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    I recommend the depends as a good starter as well but get the plastic backed ones, the cloth-like ones suck and are being phased out, Thank God for that one

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    Hi, Creme! I have not had good luck with Depends products, so for a pullup, I prefer Always Discreet. No, rennecfox, I am not finding fault with your choice - that is because there are so different manufacturers for essentially the same product, giving all the freedom of choice of finding, buying and using whatever works for us. I hope we never lose that ability to exercise free choice.
    As for diapers, i prefer the Northshore Supreme. I also like Rearz Safari, and Princess because they are very thirsty, and because they have a good waddle. The bad thing about them is their price. The Northshore Supreme hold pretty close to the Rearz, but cost wise the Northshoresame are the best cost wise. Read about the last 10 pages or so of "What diaper are you wearing now?" To see what others are wearing and try some of them. Ultimately, of course, it is your choice, so there is really no wrong choice. My brother is in an assisted care center and able to do just about everything he wants to do, and his choice for a severe urinary incontinence problem is - guess what! Tabbed Depends because they are easy off and on without having to remove his Pants! So investigate the choices out there - you will find something that satisfies you and fulfills your needs.
    I find the Bambino Web site best for ordering the Rearz line if you are in the US.

    I agree with Draco also. Depends is a good starting point because they, along with store brands, are readily available.

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    Your diaper size will closely reflect your pants size. A size 32 34 pants has a 32 in waist and a 34 in leg. When ordering online most companies will ship discreet or at least have the option of discreet shipping. The one exception here is when ordering samples. I've never ordered samples so I'm not speaking from experience but I have read other peoples posts where sometimes samples are boxed or in a standard shipping envelope but other times where they shipped in clear plastic...😬

    Lots of us start with abena and some never move on. But it's my experience that there are plenty of other great diapers out there. My favorites are:

    dry 24/7 which is huge and thick and holds a perfect amount. My favorite about these is how big they are, they just go on so easily and are really comfortable when worn. And they're all white.

    Seni quatro which is cloth backed and really discreet and also holds a lot. Like basically the same as dry 24 or abena m4 all while being quiet and cool. My favorite part about these is the all white design and they are pretty comfortable and for a cloth backed diaper they hold a tremendous amount and they aren't prone to leaks or weeping like most cloth diapers.

    Lastly Tykables. These are plastic and offered in two prints overnights which have a babyish design and fade when wet, pleather which are black with a yellow "racing stripe" which is supposed to act like a wetness indicator. They are both fairly thin and slightly less absorbent than the others yet still hold 3 or 4 good wettings/floods. They have a very nice soft plastic shell(the softest I've ever felt) and have a nice squish when soaked. Plastic landing zone which helps your tapes stick better and allows you to reposition them over and over. My favorite part is how well they show their wetness as well as the good squishy feeling they get. The fade away designs are really cool too.

    If your already considering abu then I'd seriously recommend the tykables overnights. One major advantage tykables have here is discreetness which is something abu does not at all(except maybe their new preschool line which I haven't tried yet). All of Abu's premium and vintage diapers are very thick especially between the legs and will basically force you to waddle. Tykables are actually rather Slim when dry and even after several wettings they will squish around and spread out still allowing you to walk normal.

    There are still more great diapers out there these are just my current top 3 and I can safely say I've tried about half of what's out there. I always get my diapers from xpmedical or direct from the manufacturer.

    Hope this helps.

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    We all have freedom of choice and what works for one won't for another

    I think the original brand you were thinking of were Abena M4 - which is another popular choice amounts to this forum and my personal favourite - as with all diapers make sure you get the right size to fit well - the top should reach your belly button and the leg cuffs snug but not cutting circulation

    Whatever you decide have fun

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    Hey buddy, ABU would be my recommendation.

    For size wise have a look at the pack from the pull-ups you have now to use as a guide.

    If you do order samples from ABU you should note the premium Space/Pawz/Simple are really wide in the crotch and super absorbent.

    The 2 tape vintage style SDK/Cushies/Lavender (my fave) are a bit more discreet but baggy clothes and a long top would be my recommendation.

    I can't recommend Depend or any current medical diapers.

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    Uuugh, pant size and waist size are NOT the same. Pant size is measured just above the hips. Waist size is measured near the bellybutton. Diapers are based on waist size since this is how high they are supposed to extend up to. This is easy people, why can't we all get it then.

    And skip depends. Yes they are available in stores, but they suck badly. If you need to buy diapers in a store then search online for nearby medical supply stores. They always have something much better than depends.

    Now if you want a diaper that is comfortable and absorbent, and has a really good track record with fit, then go with confidry or maybe northshore supreme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    Uuugh, pant size and waist size are NOT the same. Pant size is measured just above the hips. Waist size is measured near the bellybutton. Diapers are based on waist size since this is how high they are supposed to extend up to. This is easy people, why can't we all get it then.
    Diapers have two problems with that. First off, they also have to fit around the hips with the lower tapes. Second, the lower tapes stretch the wing up and around at a diagonal, which consumes another inch or two of front panel width. Lots of diaper manufacturers don't seem to take this into account, and as long as the upper tapes can make it around to the top around the waist, they call it a fit. That's why we see diapers sized with s such unrealistically large numbers.

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