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Thread: hello loves, new guy

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    Question hello loves, new guy

    Greetings all. Newish post. Just a DL with a question for the seasoned ABDL I have been wearing for some time now and tried many many brands but am a touch confused about matter what brand (either purely medical or just fun ABDL diapers) the medium fits but still seems either too large or a bit snug and I tried larges and they are ALWAYS too big. Don't get me wrong, swimming in a plush, crinkly nappy is a joy but I want a better I missing something? I am tall but narrow (only a 34 waist) and basically have no butt. Any suggestions?

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    Hello thomas8 and welcome to the group.

    So that we may get to know you better, would you please tell us a little bit about yourself such as you hobbies and interests?

    Again welcome to the group.


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