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Thread: How are the ABU small sizes?

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    Default How are the ABU small sizes?

    I was wondering what the fit is on the ABU small sizes. The mediums are a bit too big for me. I can fit into an L/XL GoodNite, if that helps any. I'm gonna use up my current supply and get some small sizes if I get enough info.

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    I haven't took the time to write a quick thread on them yet, but here's my thoughts:

    The fit is very comfortable and snug as it should be. The absorbency is great with added padding on the wings. Padding in the center is quite large but I don't mind it, as it doesn't tend to bulge like the medium ones. The only downside I could say so far it the the wings are a bit short. I have a 29" waist and I realize I cannot quite tape them the same way I would do with medium. A few more centimetres would make it perfect. I contacted abu to give them feedback on that, with a good response, so let's hope some adjustments are made on the next batches.

    I took some photos of small cloth-backed preschool to compare sizings, and molicare's small size (which has been my best fit so far) vs abu.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm really looking forward to the littlepawz and simple to hit the market in small sizes, since overall small is a better fit for me.

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    I just got a 10 pack of SDK V2 small. They claim to only fit up to a 29" waist. I was skeptical of that because I have a 32" waist and tape the mediums almost all the way to the center. The smalls are tight on me, but they still fit, with the tapes fitting securely on the edge of the landing zone. I like a small fit for daytime use, which is why I used Goodnites L/XL before these. The absorbency suffers a bit compared to the mediums, but they still hold a lot. I'll give these a public test run to make sure they're discrete enough and then probably switch from Goodnites to these if I'm convinced they can't be detected under my clothes.

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