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    Default Shovel Knight Update

    This morning I downloaded the latest patch of Shovel Knight for my 2DS. This game brings back that retro-style of gaming that was nearly forgotten, the only other game I know who does that is AVGN adventures 1 & 2.

    There are now 3 different paths you can try. Shovel Knight plays just like Duck Tales on NES. For Plague Knight, you'll have to mix potions to go through the game, knowing to do a blast jump is mandatory for completion. Spectre Knight uses the same mechanics as Ninja Gaiden and the levels can be done in any order.

    I have completed Shovel Knight when I first downloaded it. Right now, I started on Plague of Shadows and I am liking it. After that, it'll be time for Specter of Torment. Next, I wanna see either Shield Knight, Mole Knight, Propeller Knight, or Treasure Knight get their own game.

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    I have shovel knight on four platforms now (3DS, Wii U, Xbox One, PC/Mac) and I still have never really sat down and played it all the way through. I have enjoyed what I have played and it's been great to watch the developer listen to their fans and continually improve and add to the game. I'm sure whatever game the developers make next will be great, they do a good job of keeping promises and deliver what they promise.

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    The end see a crazy difficulty spike, but so much fun!

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    Yeah, Shovel Knight's great. Haven't had the chance to play specter knight yet though. I here that king knight will be the last update.

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