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Thread: Goodbye.

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    Default Goodbye.

    I'm leaving permanently, Goodbye.

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    Sad to see ya go, Binary. Hope you come back soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittyninjaW View Post
    Sad to see ya go, Binary. Hope you come back soon.
    I will not be coming back, This is permanent. Cya.

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    I just had started to meet you, and you seemed lovely. Sorry to see you go. I hope you find happiness everywhere you go.

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    Hi, Binary,

    I sincerely hope you are not leaving because you feel that you have not been getting enough support here during those times you have been feeling suicidal or seriously depressed. I think most of us really care about you, but you need more help than we have been able to provide. If you are currently feeling this way, again, I would ask that you strongly consider getting yourself to a hospital for treatment, or contacting some of the resources below. Please hold onto these resources for future reference. Don't be afraid to reach out. It can be scary and intimidating at first, but it it is far better than living with these dangerous thoughts that put your life at risk. A number of us have been there and we have survived against the odds. That's all we want for you. There is support here for you, but please reach out to the professionals. They are the people you need to treat this illness and get well. It's never too late to ask for help.

    I do hope we will continue hearing from you. If you need some time away from Adisc, then we respect that, but please let us know how you are doing.


    Australia hotline number- Life Line 13 11 44

    List of local helplines in Australia-




    International Association for Suicide Prevention

    To Write Love On Her Arms



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    Quote Originally Posted by Binary View Post
    I'm leaving permanently, Goodbye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnimeDude892 View Post
    Maybe because it's an attempt to help remedy his depression by avoiding anything that might bring him distress...

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    Noo!!! Argh I'll miss you buddy I hate when people leave like this, but if you feel it's best for you then I hope you do alright

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