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Thread: Ideas for My New Little space Room?

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    Default Ideas for My New Little space Room?

    Hey guys, haven't been around for a while, sorry about that!! I've been super busy finding a job (which I finally got today!) and now planning to move. When I move I'm going to have a room dedicated to Littlespace. I already have some ideas, but I want more! Lots and lots and lots more! Gimme all you got!

    - easy bake oven
    - Fisher Price tv
    - little snacks fridge
    - stuffed animals
    - electric train set
    - Polly pockets
    - cute rugs and wall art
    - littlest pet shop (90s)
    - Tamagotchis (originals)
    - Pacifiers
    - Sippy cups and bottles
    - What else?????

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    crib with hang toy above it, changing table, high chair, baby oil, baby powder, and baby feed bottles

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    I would say get a theme for your room, almost every child has a theme in their room they love. I would also say coloring books, character blankets, and a shelf dedicated to Disney movies.

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    I would get a swing or some kind of motion toy. Rhythmic motion is relaxing

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    How about a reading chair or beanbag, and a bookshelf for your favourite picture books? If it were me, I'd try to find a rocking horse too

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    I just got a littles room now, just hoping the internet is good enough in my house to post pictures, which it's playing up

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    If you have an idea of a theme, or even basic colour scheme, for your room - Pinterest is your friend. I love searching for Snoopy Nursery, and oohing and ahing at what pops up.

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