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Thread: Repair plastic pants

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    Default Repair plastic pants

    I have some high waist plastic pants that have a slight rip (~2cm long) just below the top elastic seam. I have fixed it with gaff but that means it doesn't sit tightly around the waist and make a proper seal.

    How can I fix them while still being air/liquid tight?

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    Just buy new ones. I tried all kinds of fixes. None worked.

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    Same here. just buy new. Never been able to figure out a reliable repair.

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    I have a plastic welding tool, would that work? It's only a small butane one, same size as a soldering iron.

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    I've repaired plastic pants when the threading is coming out of the seems by using a hot glue gun. You might try that because the hot glue will melt the plastic and the glue is sort of like plastic. That said, all plastic pants eventually turn hard and crack and all you can do is replace them.

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    You could always, have a slight over lap and use a hot iron to fuse the two layers together

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    Those types of tears are very hard to repair.

    The repairs that I have been able to do is along the side seam.

    The best suggestion I could give is roll the elastic band down the pants until the tear is rolled in to the folds, but it may not want to stay.

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    I have a couple of plastic pants with rips in them.
    Theregore, I will have to go to the LeTourneau Medical Supply Pharmacy in Andover, MA where they carry the 3-count packages of cheap plastic pants.
    That will happen after I receive my next SSDI Direct Deposit.
    It is regrettable that plastic pants do not last very long when constantly worn.

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    You can buy a pants repair kit from Jenny at kins .

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