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    Good evening all. I visit here frequently, however don't post much. I am 42yo and incontinent. I wear because I have to, but I also enjoy it.

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    Hello! I guess you are a person who makes something better out of a difficult situation. To be incontinent and to enjoy wearing is a better situation then to be incontinent and not.

    Share a bit about yourself and some of what you like to do, like your hobbies. For example I like photography and taking photos of wildlife when I get the chance. I also like Lego. I still work full time and have to be an adult when I need to be. When I can fit it in, I like to let my little side out.

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    Hi and welcome. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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    Hi Barb94 amd welcome. I've known several women with incontinence (for various reasons) who also wore and liked / enjoyed it! I find that fascinating to me.

    Oh, and please do NOT be a one or two post wonder on this forum. We'd like to hear more and see you become a participating member after you 'level up'.

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    I too am incontinent and enjoy wearing 24/7. I now have a caregiver that comes over every morning to clean and change me; also every night! It's almost too hard to believe that she's doing this on a volunteer bases-FREE! I must have died and went to heaven! Do you participate or engage with any ab's or dl's in your area? I'm sure your aware that this is great place to get support through advice from some pretty bright souls and quite a few "seasoned" ab's & dl's. We all learn a lot from each other and it's really nice to have a spot to find some understanding. Glad you're participating & look forward to hopefully reading more!

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