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Thread: It feels good to just play with baby toys...

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    Default It feels good to just play with baby toys...

    A much anticipated time of my day is to lie in my bed before I go to sleep and to just play with baby toys for an hour.
    Baby toys are designed for simple cognitive sensory stimulation.
    While regressed I lie there in my bed with say, my "Sensory Butterfly Friend" I touch and feel the different textures and it calms and comforts me and aids my cognitive sensory arousal level by lowering it as an older Autistic person.

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    I'm not too good at playing with toys. I do like lining them up or arranging them, some pattern. Kind of soothing, I'm super busy though.
    Mine are more young kid toys, as I can get away with "collecting" I like a lot of figurines.
    Baby toys, not really able to have those.
    I have a few pictures of my collection in my profile or something. I've probably added a few since my last pictures.

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    i have hanging toy wheel over my crib that i play with while suckling on my nipple bottle. sometimes my boyfriend spanks me if too much noise and not drinking my milk

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    I have a little blue baby rattle from when I was a baby, when I rattle it, it sounds so very familiar. Almost as if somehow I remember its sound from long ago.

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    I have an autism diagnosis, among others.

    Though I am on meds for various things, ABDL time is at least as good as the meds I was on at some point.

    Option A: Neuroleptics. Side effects like becoming morbidly obese or movement disorders. Reason; treat anxiety related to autism.

    Option B: Stuffed toys, baby toys, or other ABDL stuff. Side effects; none. Reason, to treat anxiety related to autism.

    Do what is needed to be well but use what does less harm.

    This post is not to suggest that these medications are not required at some point and for some conditions.

    I have willingly taken them at points in my life and that was a good thing at that time.

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    The last 2 days I have been in "extreme" adult mode.
    Tomorrow I have scheduled an extended "Baby Time" to rest and to play with my baby toys.
    I too take SSRI pills for Depression.
    But I need my "Baby Time" to keep from going bonkers.

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