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Thread: I need advice some help anything really

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    Default I need advice some help anything really

    So my wife/mommy has decided to indulge in the abdl world with me 100% and would like as much advice as she can get for being a mommy anything is welcome? Ok so that was the question now I'll introduce my self. I first noticed I liked diapers at age 8 had a lil sister I'd sneak diapers from her changing table. As I got older I learned that I'm a DL did a lot of research then I noticed I liked the AB side just couldn't indulge that side joins the military and meet my wife told her about it and she had no problems I'd mainly use at night before bed but as the time went on she'd play to. But she has discovers she loves my little side and wants to be the best mommy ever. We are 26 and 25 we've been together for 8 years married for 5 yep high school sweethearts feel free to ask me questions Anything goes as personal as you want thanks everyone

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    Well that's great that you found a girl that is not only okay with your ABDL side but also partakes. I had a really bad experience coming out to my wife about my DL side and she almost left me. She still hates it, but allows me to wear when I'm alone. She never wants to see me in a diaper, find my stash or even know when I have been wearing. She wants to live as if it doesn't exist so I can't even get diapers shipped to my house. At least I live near ABU so I can make a drive tonit ocassionally. Welcome to the site.

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    Thank you and I'm vary sorry to hear that yes I am a vary lucky guy

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    For her being your mommy there is no advice that is 100% gospel. It's going to be about trial and error, finding out what makes you click as a little and wishing with that, the level of care, attending, needs you require are going to be what drives her, and her interests/likes of your little side are what helps to drive you. The best advice I can give is to be open, honest, and have a good little time.

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    Just sit down and figure out what you both like to do. Take it slow at first and only introduce something new every so often. Eventually you'll figure it out.

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    It's the little things that make it fun.
    Baking cookies togather coloring art for her.
    Little kid crafts are a lot of fun.
    It's got to be fun for both of you.
    Talking things out are the best way.
    Just bring playfulness to your life together.

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    That's the thing guys we don't know where to start I've been a DL as long as I can remember but always wanted to indulge in the baby side I don't even really know how to be a Little

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    I'm in a bit of the same position, though for me she is already deeply rooted in the community and I'm just getting started. (So I can relate to not knowing where to start anyway)

    I'm sure others have said this elsewhere, but there is no right or wrong to this. She might want to be very motherly and also wear diapers while taking care of you. It's all about doing what you feel you want to do, try things one at a time and then gradually develop into something you love.

    As for being little, you could get some plushies, some pacifiers, bottles (unless she would love to feed you personally ;3) and maybe even some toddler appropriate clothing. With how to act, there are various routes... but if you want to act really young, try and speak in gibberish, only crawl, be affectionate and clingy, and basically leave everything up to your mummy. I learnt this from trying out first as a diaper slave (hehe), but you shouldn't ever complain about the state of your diaper, try to hide it even. Hopefully I've helped you just a little bit c:

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    Thank you vary much we are definitely going to try feeding and here's some background I'm currently over seas so she wants to learn as much as she can so we can have a grate time when I'm home it also gives us things to talk about makes the time go faster out here

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