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Thread: How do you put on your diapers?

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    Default How do you put on your diapers?

    I lay my diaper down on the floor and lay on on it. Then I pull it up and make sure the front and back are level to each other. Then I center left to right to make sure my tapes will be evenly spaced.

    How important is it to you to get the front and back level? And the tapes evenly spaced ? Do you tape up tightly?

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    For me the back is usually a little higher than the front especially after I fold a bit of the front down to go under my belly. This allows me to get the snuggest fit I can. I do this while standing against a wall

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    I put them on standing up. Just pull the front and back up, use my forearm to hold one side while leaving my hand free to help tape the​ other.

    As far as keeping the front and back even, that depends on the diaper. Different ones fit me differently, so I have different ways of aligning them. It is important to me though that I get it taped up symmetrically and get the fit how I want though.

    Then as far as taping it tightly, no, not really. Taping it too tightly is counter productive, and a loose diaper should be able to perform just as well if the fit is correct.

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    I can never get the tapes to center even when I try to hold the wing in place.

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    I used to put standing up, but now do lying down, I think I get a better fit and less leaks. Also not rushing helps.

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    Standing up leaning against a wall. Using the wall as third hand.

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    I prefer to Diaper up lying down, it's easier and you can make sure everything is in the right place. Normally I'll do it on my bed. For me the back is always higher than the front, bottom tapes first to get the legs right then take up the excess with the top tapes to make sure its snug. If I'm out and about I'll tend to change up against a wall as I find that easier than trying to find somewhere clean enough to lie down.

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    I do mine standing up, either leaning against a wall or using my underpants to hold it in place while I tape it up. Sides must be even or near enough, otherwise I end up with a leak out one side. Snug but not tight.

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    I put my diapers on either laying on my bed or standing up making sure that the front and back of the diaper is slightly higher then the front then I bring the bottom tape and slightly angle up and repeat on the left side top tapes I start on the right and pull the tapes and slightly angle them down and repeat on the left side of the diaper . I find I get a better fit while wearing.

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