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Thread: Wetness indicators. Cheers or jeers?

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    Default Wetness indicators. Cheers or jeers?

    I was just wondering what the consensus or preference was for diapers with wetness indicators?

    Do you like having a visible stripe appear when wet? In the medical field these are obviously important for caretakers but outside of the IC part of it, do we still like them?

    I know I'd prefer not to have any. I can tell without any stripes! And honestly, I doubt my wife would get any big kicks with a big, gross blue line staring at her when she wakes up!

    I haven't been vocal in the ABDL crowd for long but I get the impression that you either love em or hate em.

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    I'm quite impartial to them, I like the idea used on the ABU Space diapers. Fade when wet is more preferable to show when wet for me though. So overall I wouldn't miss them if they do go but I don't mind them being there. However I totally understand that a partner may not want to know if dry or not.

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    I'm partial as well as I have worn diapers with and without them. I understand fully that those in the medical and caregiver profession prefer ones with them especially for their charges that cannot let them know when they are wet or otherwise.

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    I like the idea of them. I hope that someone brings that to more of the diapers I wear. "Abu preschool"

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    I guess I'm impartial. I think they're fun, but I don't really go out of my way to get diapers that have them.

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    I don't like the utilitiarin indicators, I do like the creative indicators like little paws and space though

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    Fine by me. I don't need them, though I probably should use them because I always try and use every last square centimeter of my diaper which is dumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pampers4U View Post
    I don't like the utilitiarin indicators, I do like the creative indicators like little paws and space though
    True. But I can easily see that becoming an obnoxious trend. Keep it to little things like stars and safety pins. I don't need to see a blue mural of Washington crossing the Delaware! Although now I can't get that image out of my mind. LOL. That actually reminds me out a somewhat recent SNL skit for adult diapers for the older generation that feature their heroes, like John Wayne and Harry Truman. It was too funny.

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    I never liked the big stripe down the middle of diapers but do like the way ABU does it on Space and Lavenders.

    If it had to be yes or no for every diaper everywhere I guess I would vote no as I can live without it.

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    It's in the approach, for me. I'm not half as hurt by my (theoretical) hearts disappearing, as some big medical, "Mwahahaha! I'm here now, and you're feeble, and you're stuck in me forever," line showing up. It's as if a kiddy print says, "just visiting."
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