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    A fun thing I like to do is notice what hand people write with or even go so far as to how they hold their pen/pencil/crayon/marker it is a glimpse at what makes them special. I'm left-handed and it makes up a lot of my personality and makes me who I am. You can meet so many unique and interesting right-handed, left-handed and even ambidextrous people, really fascinating. I like to talk and observe people(not in a creepy way) to see how they function throughout their life. I like fun and serious conversations with all types of people. I don't get easily offended when different opinions take place between myself and others, it's more fun.

    What brings me here to this site is a comfort in wearing diapers. It's a nice feeling when I have some alone time and I regress to a younger version of myself, it's very freeing. I like dressing up in baby clothes and creating a fun environment to have fun and feel at ease. I like looking at diaper comics and artwork with regression or forced regression, some humiliation but nothing major. Diapers can be sexual but not all the time. It can be just as fun rolling around and gurgling in my diapers. I'm still exploring this side of me so who knows what the future holds and what new interests will come or old will fade.

    I love listening to music! I love all types of genres. I should have a soundtrack for my life cause of how much I love music. I love music that makes me feel different things. To go thru the spectrum of emotions thru one song or a whole soundtrack that just fits together. I love movies but, I've been watching more T.V. the past few years. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are releasing some really great stuff. I write a little every now and then and is very cathartic for my well being. I enjoy walking along the creek close to my neighborhood and admiring the wildlife and plant life as well. I love going to zoo's and aquariums because animals are awesome!!! I play video games here and there and enjoy watching let's play videos. I love playing rock band!! It's fun cause of the challenge. I enjoy swimming and exercising at times. I like playing sports with friends. I enjoy riding my bike as well.

    What I'm looking from this site is to work on my self-acceptance. I want to be able to meet like minded people and get to know them. I want to meet other people and talk to them about anything really. I want to be able to help others as well. I wanna be able to give advice and be supportive for individuals that need sympathetic ear. I wanna give back to the community.

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    It's nice to see others like myself that are finally coming to terms with who they are and finding comfort and happiness with that self acceptance. Since fully admitting to myself and wife that I'm a full ABDL, not just a DL, I've felt a wonderous liberation of my spirit. I've finally stopped inhibiting my feelings and allowed myself to be who I am. I used to scoff at Frank's line from Rocky Horror Picture Show, when he sang, "Don't dream it, be it." while wishing I really could. Frank was right.
    This is a place you'll fit right in.

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    Welcome to the forum. You may have stated already and I might of just didn't catch it, but what genres of music do you like listening to?

    I like videogames also, but I really don't play much anymore. For the last month I have been making a habit about going to the gym and exercising; I've found I enjoy it to an extent.

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