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Thread: A question about setting a bed time for online Little brothers.

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    Cool A question about setting a bed time for online Little brothers.

    A question about setting a bed time for online Little brothers.

    Having a bedtime routine I think is important. For us Littles as it stops us form being up all night.

    And we are going to find it easier to pretend to be adults in the morning, if we've had a good night's sleep.

    Setting times this has to be realistic for both the Little and the caregiver.

    My little bro and I set 10.00 as the time he was to be in bed. Then I would do a bed time story with him over skipy. But only if he was in bed.

    Now he won'ts to change it to 11.00 pm wich is late for me.

    What should I do.

    Do I let him have a bed time for 11.00 but story time is before.

    Or do I say he has to be in bed for story time.

    I have also found out that a serten Little boy is getting out of bed after I said good nigh to him and have snacks.

    The thing is he is over 18. So really it is up to him.

    But he has ask to be cared for as a Little baby boy, that he feels he is on the inside.

    So how do I get the balance right between, treating him as a baby boy with he loves. And letting him have the freedom of being a 20 year old student.

    Thank you for any help.

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    stowy time!

    It's your time, if it's to late for you then I'd say tell him if he wants to be tucked in and read to, that he has to go by your schedule. You will have to decide tho for your particular situation about the bed time it's self being moved, as in if he can stay up after being put to bed. I'd suggest talking that over more with him to see what he really wants.

    For my online big brother he tries to help me enforce bedtimes I set, and tell me when it's getting late. Because I'm very bad at going to sleep when i planed on it. :/ (without being put to bed I'll legit get 4 hours sleep a night)

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