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Thread: Anyone play on ps4 or 3ds?

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    Default Anyone play on ps4 or 3ds?

    I was wondering if any of you other abdl's or other groups play on ps4 or 3ds looking for more like minded people to play with let me know ^~^

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    Well my ps4 gamertag is PhantomSlayer21 and my 3ds friend code is 2938-7913-6658 so feel free to add me

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    What games do you play? I have both :3 Will PM you my details

    I don't have much in terms of multiplayer on ps4 other than Minecraft.
    3ds multiplayer I have Pokemon, Mario Kart and stuff.

    I don't play often but really only because I didn't have anyone to play with.

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    I have both, but I mostly only do multiplayer on PC. But sometimes I trade/battle in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or X. I have some other mulitplayer 3DS games, but I haven't tried the online features of them.

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    Well I'm usually playing gta 5 or cod on ps4 but I'll play 7 days to die, battlefield, dragonball xenoverse 2, Sao lost song, resident evil 5, and many others.

    For my 3ds I play smash bros that's the only multipayer I got so far

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    Oh yeah I have minecraft as well. I highly recommend onigiri it's free to play on ps4

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    Ohh I forgot about smash bros. Love it, but I'm no good at it compared to most. I used to be good at the earlier games. I dont know what happened. I have a Wii U, but i dont have the Wii U version.

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    Well you don't need to be good at smash bros to have fun (:

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    I have a 2DS. The games I play on it are all the Pokémon titles, Smash Bros., Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates (plan on getting Echoes when it comes out), Kirby, Zelda, and Others.

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    Been wanting to play fates but haven't yet as for echoes didn't hear about it but awesome. Feel free to pm me your friend code and we can all play sometime

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