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Thread: Help: Understand the Huggies Drynites TV Commercial

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    Default Help: Understand the Huggies Drynites TV Commercial

    Hi, I've seen the old Huggies DryNites TV Commercial "Secret Weapon" on YouTube and it seems to be funny. Unfortunately, I do not understand all the spoken words. Can someone help me and write down all the sentences?
    I can do the first, but I am happy if someone can correct and complete it. I know it is flawed. Sorry for my bad english.

    • Bye ???
    • Bye Mom
    • I'm ??? to the aquarium then ??? I sleep by ???
    • Did you know an octopus has a secret weapon to protect ???
    • I've a secret weapon too by Huggies DryNites
    • Itís the best in ??? absorbent.
    • ??? the wetness in ??? they help stop leaks.
    • >>>Something whispered<<<
    • Except ??? breakfast.

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    Not seen that before, here is my best guess at what he is saying.

    Bye Luke
    Bye Mom
    I'm off to the aquarium then a sleep over at Zacs
    Did you know an octopus has a secret weapon to protect its self against yucky suff like getting eaten alive.
    I've a secret weapon too my Huggies DryNites
    It’s the best and they're real absorbent.
    All this scientific stuff traps the wetness in and they fit snug to help stop leaks.
    So I don't have to worry about yucky stuff in the morning.
    Except Maybe breakfast.
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    Thanks alot for your help.
    I like this advertising and the Huggies DryNites too.

    Too bad that there was no DryNites to my childhood.

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    Too bad that there was no DryNites to my childhood. [/QUOTE]

    I have to agree, I went well into my teens in Terry Nappy squares and at first rubber then plastic pants. There was no hiding them!

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    There wasn't any Goodnites in my childhood either. The modern Internet began around 1991, in my late teens. Goodnites were introduced in 1994, thanks to the Internet IMHO. Older kids found out that they were not alone when it came to bedwetting.

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    Kinda surprised they specifically brand them with Huggies. Goodnites does its best to distance itself from diapers in its marketing.

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