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Thread: emotions of wearing diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommycombs View Post
    I was out and about today (Walmart trip) and there was a table set up getting signatures against a trans bathroom thing. I overheard a nasty comment as I was going in and it sort of scared me because this was somebody's response to one alternative lifestyle (for lack of a better word, apologies) and here I was walking by, just thinking, "Oh man, if you only knew what weird thing I was hiding right under your nose!". It bothered me partly because it reminded me how far we still need to come with this vanilla society of ours.
    Tis is exactly why in other posts I say to not flaunt being an ABDL there are sadly too many people that don't understand this and we all know what people do to things they don't understand. I told my parents my spiritual belief's and my dad literally thought I was possessed , he was fine with the idea that I may have lived as a deer in the past but when I mentioned that also included a Dragon, every thing hit the fan if you know what I mean. to my dad ABDL are pedophiles, he even accused me of that and was the most painful thing he has ever said to me and ruined the trust and relation ship we had. He attacks what he does not understand not all people are like that but sadly a lot are.

    I never tell any one out side of the few that I trust that I like wearing them, being IC was a odd but nice coincidence. I do still get some family members telling me I should fight this and have surgery even after doctors say it's not a problem that I manage it in this way.

    if I saw those people at Walmart like you did the least I would say is "get bent" I have no sexual interests but have friends that are not heterosexual and the explanation I got of the whole bathroom thing changed the way I look at it, it was an incident at a high school where a transgender person used the bathroom of is birth sex and the bulling that came with it, when it puts some ones safety at risk just let then use the other bathroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    Seconded. While others are extremely unlikely to notice the crinkle sound, wearing a diaper cover for this reason can still abate any fears of it happening, which will reduce stress and is still beneficial afterall.

    Of course, I've also come to realise that NO diaper is ever going to be 100% leakproof, for every single day you use one. Wearing a diaper cover helps to contain that leak and helps you to notice it faster too. This alone makes them pretty important to wear, and if you can also get the benefit of reduced noise then that's all the better.
    I can understand that, I don't wear anything over my diaper as I hate the way it feels that said I do have to try and keep track of how wet I am so I don't leak, I don't flood so in a way that does lessen the risk of leaking and can get away with wearing just Depends diapers, thicker ones just fall apart long before they have been wet enough to change for that reason, that and I still use bathrooms when they are around

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    Why do. I don't feel sexy in public but rather nervous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    First, it neither illegal nor immoral to like diapers. Anyone who says it's wrong, is wrong themselves. Why would you listen to that?

    Second, stop caring what others think of you so much. If you want to do something, and someone else says no, do it anyways. Once you feel better for having done it, you own self confidence will go up since you'll be able to trust your own decisions above others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusPup View Post
    Wise words

    Yes at first it is still unnatural to want to be wet - it goes against years of adulthood where we are programmed that it's wrong

    So you will always get people who still can't see its right - they will always be there - but in that me you learn to rise above it and feel happier in passing than out of it - then those doubters seem to fade into background and not matter so much

    So be proud be yourself and follow your heart ❤️
    It's what has been conditioned to believe only babies and senior citizens or incontinent people are allowed and is okay to wear them.

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    That's why non diaper believe its wrong to wear diapers when you have no medical need

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    I feel if you have these thoughts and desires, they eventually become emotional "needs", Then you must accept the behavior in question, as that is more fulling and healthy than constant denial.

    So, I think acting on any of our fetish behaviors and desires is healthy as long as it is legal, does not hurt anyone, and is practiced only by mature, responsible consenting adults.

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    In paragraph one, what am I denying? In the second paragraph are you saying if I wear diapers under clothes and not run around in just a diaper which I use to show off my diaper to girl passing by on the poach. Then I am fine?

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    The way I see it, I'm not hurting anyone and I'm not causing any problems to others. I don't totally accept this part of myself yet but I can live with it. For now I will keep this to myself but until I start hurting others because of this side of me I won't press to change something that is harmless.

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    Maybe I want a. Quick fix of being able to sit earring my dinner or launch. Without feeling guitu shame. Nervous. And just be happy sexy. But have. Read you have. To put in the time and practice. And I too want the feeling of i forgot I had it on. Maybe. If I tape the top tapes I could move faster. Then putting. On all four tapes

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