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Thread: "sudden increase in sexual thoughts"

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    Default "sudden increase in sexual thoughts"

    I've been noticing a odd "thing" with my sex drive lately, and It's gotten me concern, days where I'm depressed, my sex drive is low, no interest etc, while when I'm "happy" I'm practically very er, excited.

    This isn't diaper related, by guy related, I've noticed a recent "high sex drive" which is getting me concerned, I've been having dreams, even the smallest things can get me arroused.

    I'm just wondering, why is it now, that I'm having a very high sex drive

    I've noticed a trend, based on how depressed I am, I'm just wondering is it normal for biological men, to have a sudden high sex drive for no reason at all?

    I'm not sure if this is mood related, but I'm currently not depressed, feel like I'm kinda very energetic for some reason.

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    Its that surge of post-puberty testosterone, that usually peaks around our age (late teens/early twenties)

    Also comparable to how women get this spike in hormones once they reach their 30s

    I hear a lot of older guys who would kill to have this back and apparently, you get a similar effect when on steroids or abstaining from ejaculation.

    funny you mention this, i noticed just last summer, i experienced something similar.

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    From what I understand, decreased sex drive is a common symptom of depression. And hypersexuality is a symptom of a manic episode. With you feeling very energetic lately, one possibility that comes to mind is you might be hypomanic - it's basically like a mild manic episode. Have you been checked out by a psychiatrist lately?

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    It's perfectly normal to have different sex drive over time as a biological man, no matter what age.

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    For me, Weather changes can effect both my depression and sex drive. Sunlight especially, so there is a chance that it could also be vitamin D related. Also when I have a rebound from depression the sex drive will spike shortly after that. Also a drop in caffeine consumption will effect me in the same way.

    So bottom line, it you are male things happen for no reason at all. We do have a "period cycle" we just do notice it or want to. One of my girlfriend told me that she could tell what part of my cycle I was in, and Men have a coma! (that is a period with a dick and not the mess!")

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binary View Post
    ... days where I'm depressed, my sex drive is low, no interest etc...
    This is pretty common. I've been depressed for literately ever. My drive gets less and less over time.
    It decreases with age too. Best thing to do is to get in a good mood, don't overexert yourself too often if you know what I mean. Can take a week or few hours depending, for me anyways.

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    I think it's perfectly natural for sexual desire to ebb and flow over time, although I have to say that my sex drive has declined a lot over the years. In my twenties I was always hard and horny - happy days!

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    seems quite normal to me and not limited to males only. i am more in the mood when happy with people trying to bed me

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    Hello Binary Depression kills your sex drive and being happy shifts it into overdrive. That is how it is with all animals.

    My sex drive, which is normally nonexistent, fires up every May and August (though the last two years the August episode has been coming on later in the year for some reason)

    I blame this happy situation on the position of the sun over the Souther Hemisphere. My GP thinks that might be a reasonable assumption.

    At your age Binary you should just be thrilled that you are in hyper-sex mode and use it to educate yourself on the mysteries of life, sexuality, and beingness.

    Why are you hyper-sexed?

    Because you are a 19 year old male.

    Get over the why of it and exploit it for all it's worth mate.


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    Wait until after your testosterone levels take their natual plunge when you get a little older. You'll be posting and happy when your sex drive just returns to normal. I say revel in your high drive while you've still got it.

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