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    It's just one of those days that I have where everything is put on hold. Yesterday I had some meetings with advisors so the evening before I took a couple loperamide gel tabs and went to bed. Woke to a clean diaper. It was wet but no BM. I take 3 or 4 large doses of a fiber supplement everyday to keep my BM's firm (Metamucil). This does nothing to help my severe urgency but does keep my BM's firm. It also increases frequency and volume. On a normal day I will have from 3 to 6 BM's. The loperamide has a constipating effect on me which I was willing to tolerate if it meant keeping my diaper clean through a day of serious meetings. I took the recomended dosage through out the day and everything worked great. I was still taking my fiber supplement through out the day knowing that eventually I was going to go when the loperamide wore off. I only had one BM and that was between meetings so I went home to change and then continued my day without incident. I stopped the loperamide when I got back home in late afternoon. I had dinner, a dose of fiber, put on my night diapers and read a bit before going to bed at 11. Well, the loperamide wore off sometime while I was sleeping. At 4 this morning I was awakened by that severe urgency. Knowing I would never make the bathroom I released an enormous load in my diapers. I grudgingly got up to change and went back to bed. At 5 the same thing happened. While I was laying in bed trying to decide if I wanted to do the change again, I fell back to sleep. At around 6 it happened again. It seemed like 36 hours with only one BM was now finally playing catch up. I had to change this time because both BM's, while solid, were very large in volume. With a clean diaper I thought I would be good for at least a few hours. Wrong. It was like every hour on the hour I would have another enormous load in my diaper.I was wearing a confidry24/7 with a booster and plastic pants. It's now around 9:30 and I've had 4 more BM's. I'm so tired of changing, especially when I know there is probably more to come. I'll change when I go 2 hours without a BM. The last 4 voids weren't quite as big and my diaper has held up well though quite full at the moment as you can imagine. If I have 1 more BM I'll have to change but I'm just so tired. My diaper is so full I'm afraid of over-flow. I've soiled the diaper from back to front and just hope I can go another hour without a BM so I can change and go back to bed for a nap. The loperamide works like a charm for me but the aftermath is an absolute nightmare.

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    Jack I'm really sorry to hear this. I know how much it sucks. Today I had 3 accidents. And very bad. I mean I soiled my diaper front to back like you did. If you ever need to talk you know you can PM me.

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    Yep I am with you there - loperamide ( or Imodium as they are called on the shelves ) is for stopping or at least slowing BM and like you it works well for me during flare ups - but as you say it seem that all it does is put a temp dam in place as soon as they wear off it's like mass Exodus and I need to be stationed on the toilet or wear very good padded my - I have learnt that until the bloating and stomach camps go - just stay up as you ain't done yet ��

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