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Thread: Finally ordered more diapers for me YAY!

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    Default Finally ordered more diapers for me YAY!

    So, I finally was able to order more diapers for me. I just hope my mom doesn't flip the fuck out about it lols. She won't know what it's for, but it's a total of $41.60

    Anyways, I'm happy I'll have diapers again after about 8-9 months of not having them. What's the first thing I should do with em lol.

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    (Depending on whether or not you're doing it in secret) Hide them, and wear them. Duh. =P

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    What kind are you getting?

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    Abriform X-Plus

    It's the only diaper I use. It's not to thick, not to thin, just right =).

    Also, yes, I do have to hide them, but I work at home, brothers are in school and my mom works all day, so I pretty much can wear whenever they're not here plus at night. I always lock my bedroom door at night anyways, so meh. Come to think of it, my door is locked 90% of the time and I'm in the room 90% of the time lol.

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